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Dear Member,

We are currently having issues with the website and all springrun.com users are inactive for the moment. For now, no one is able to log onto the Spring Run website. We are working with MembersFirst to solve this issue and we will update you as soon as it has been fixed.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


Golf Guys

Dear Spring Run Member,

This is just a note to remind you that we will soon be changing the Pro Shop merchandise over from “club-owned” to the Golf Guys. The projected transition date is July 1, at which time, the Golf Guys will purchase all remaining inventory from the club and restock the Pro Shop with a mix of those existing balls, gloves, and shoes, and an enormous golf club display and a host of brand new merchandise. Therefore, the sales are on now in order to reduce inventory and still realize some income before we turn it all over. Please stop in the Shop before July 1 to take advantage of this opportunity to save big!

Jewel and Jeff are working with Golf Guys to get the plan together and new accounts in place for July 1.

This new program may seem a departure from how we have done business in the past, and I certainly hope it is! Our staff has worked hard over the years to build Merchandise sales and provide high quality personalized service to our membership. But we have always been at a disadvantage due to our lack of volume. We will finally be able to provide you with every piece of golf equipment you could want, with pricing that will be highly competitive. And the staff will all remain in place, as our main product in the shop has always been member service. Jewel will still be placing orders, and they will likely be much bigger than before! This is a very exciting time for our members, and I am pleased to be able to implement such a beneficial program for all of you. It provides the club financial relief from unsold inventory, and gives the membership more choices at a lower price. That’s a Win – Win!

Stop in the Shop today!


Latest on The Golf Guys

Dear  Spring Run Member,

By now, most of you have heard that we are considering partnering with The Golf Guys, Inc., to provide merchandise for the Pro Shop. It was presented at the April Board Meeting, but no action was taken until more information was available. I anticipate more to come soon, but wanted to address the rumors that this would be a “handshake agreement”.

At the last meeting, I mentioned that the terms of the arrangement were quite loose, indicative of how The Golf Guys wished to operate. They do a lot of business with a handshake. It involves a lot of trust, and I think there is a good deal of mutual trust in this situation as well.  All that said, there will be a written agreement with terms that are specific to each party’s responsibilities.

After meeting with the club that developed this program, we feel assured that there is significant upside for our members, and little to no downside.

So, we will either continue our operation as usual, or partner with The Golf Guys this summer. As was mentioned in the last Board Meeting, we need to arrive at a decision very soon so that we have time to prepare for either outcome. I will update this blog in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for it.



Audio Induction Loop

Dear Spring Run Member,

Perhaps you have hearing aid, and if you do, this article is for you!


About seven years ago, we installed what’s known as an “Audio Induction Loop”, which is basically a sound system for people with hearing aids. The copper wire loop installed under the carpet in the Dining Room and placed above the ceiling tiles of the Lakeview Room provides a magnetic signal that is picked up by the T Coil (telecoil) of the hearing aid. By picking up this signal and funneling it directly into the ear, it allows for anyone struggling to hear a person speaking into a microphone to hear them much more clearly.

“I just wanted to let you know how well the streamer for my hearing aids picked up the audio signals during the “Meet the Candidates” forum today.  Even though I was sitting in the front row, by turning the streamer off and back on, the difference in clarity was huge.

It might be worthwhile to bring this feature to the attention of the members again, as I notice many members wearing hearing aids” – Larry Bierman

Prompted by this note from one of our members, I am doing just that. Also, we would like to hold a small 15-30 minute session with the hearing specialist who first installed it at Spring Run at a date to be announced. A list of Frequently Asked Questions are attached. As always, feel free to leave a reply or question. Thanks!

Loop FAQ



Dear Spring Run Member,

I had a request to explain Spring Run’s current voting system, which is timely since we are smack dab in the middle of that season. Remember, the deadline to turn your ballot in this year is St. Patrick’s Day, Friday March 17th at 5 PM. You may vote for up to 4 candidates, but no more than that, or the ballot will be declared invalid.

Here is a brief history, followed by an explanation of the process. Prior to 2006, you would get a ballot that you would fill out and return, but the Neighborhood Representatives actually had the option of casting your vote as completed, or to cast as the NR saw fit. In 2006, the Neighborhood Reps voted their power away and gave it to the people, which was the “One Door, One Vote” initiative. The NR’s voted to change the Bylaws and then the Declaration, forever removing their ability to ever cast as they saw fit. Although you may hear phrases that sound like the NRs still vote, it is simply a echo of the language that remains in our Governing Documents. Just substitute “Owner” for “NR” and you’ll be fine.

Fast forward to 2017. Holy Cow… it’s been 11 years already.

From the Amendment to the Bylaws Sec 3.4(b) recorded February 2007:


Again with the Neighborhood Representative language, which makes it confusing. Here is the procedure, as simply as I can explain it:

  • The Member fills out and mails or returns their ballot to the Admin office
  • The Admin office files the unopened ballots by Neighborhood
  • On the Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the Annual Meeting, the NR for each Neighborhood, the GM, and the Controller all sit together and open that Neighborhood’s ballots.
  • Votes are then counted directly from each ballot onto a Tally Sheet, and the percentage of votes they receive within each Neighborhood is also recorded.
  • All UNCAST votes are then reallocated to each candidate according to their percentage of votes received in each Neighborhood, and added to the CAST votes, for a new Total number of Votes.
  • The four candidates with the highest vote totals, added together from each Neighborhood, are elected to the Board of Directors.

The issue of Uncast votes seems to cause the most confusion, and often times the most heartburn. Some people say it should be changed while others feel it is fair. Regardless, it is officially part of our Declaration and our Bylaws, and it would take an affirmative vote of 75% and 51% respectively to alter it. Or in other words, it won’t happen any time soon, so let’s just talk Uncast votes…

The number of Votes each Neighborhood gets depends on 1) the number of open seats up for election (in this case, there are four), and 2) the number of units in the Neighborhood. For example, there are 4 open seats, and Autumn Lake 1 has 40 units, giving Autumn Lake 1 a total of 160 possible votes. If half the units vote, that will leave at least 80 votes uncast, and if people vote for less than 4, additional votes remain uncast. Those uncast votes are totaled and given back to the candidate in their respective percentages. If Candidate Smith gets 20 votes cast for him, his percentage is calculated as follows: 20 votes cast / 160 total votes equals 12.5%. When we reallocate the votes, Candidate Smith will get 12.5% of them. Of course, the percentage will be different in every Neighborhood.

I hope this explains things sufficiently, but I am sure there will be questions. Just reply so we can discuss it. Thank you and don’t forget to vote!


Followup Blog on Bunkers

Dear Spring Run Member,

Last week, I addressed the issue of shells and rocks in the sand traps, and why they have become a problem. I did not give specifics on what the solution might be. I’ll talk about that now.

This past week, Golf Course Maintenance dug out greenside bunkers on #4 and today on #6, and filled each with fresh new G-Angle sand. Completely shell and rock free. And Friday morning, they will remove sand, rock, and shell from #5 and #9 greenside traps, and likewise replace it all with brand new bunker material. I realize that #6 had really become a problem, and wanted everyone to know that it has been taken care of.

Next week, the Maintenance crew will work on holes in need of sand on the back 9 by continuing the same removal and replacement process.

We don’t anticipate redoing all the bunkers. Most are rarely used and /or full of enough sand to not be a shell problem. And since we may be adding some sort of liner to a number of bunkers in the near future, we don’t want to spend money when it’s not needed.