Transponders and Fobs

Dear Spring Run Member,

We are working to complete any remaining entry access issues by Monday Jan 18. The mag locks should be installed on the pedestrian gates on Monday, along with the loops for the sensors for the large gates. The Privacy and Safety committee on Tuesday agreed that the pedestrian gates should be locked at all times, and since the fobs are going to be used to open those gates, we will be making 2 fobs available per unit at no charge. However, replacements for those will be a $10 per fob.  

The transponder reader is a work in progress. Oftentimes, when a transponder on the windshield doesn’t work, we add a new one to the head light and it works. The electrician continues to observe cars coming in, and testing a transponders in different places on the cars. That said, we are going to install a long range reader soon to see if that works better. That should take about 4 weeks.

The water feature is still not running optimally, or as of yesterday, at all. We believe there is a hole in a pipe either underground or internally that is causing the reservoirs to drain out quickly. The installer will be here Monday to find the leek and repair it.

Club Care will be here on Tuesday to finish plantings around the new gates, and then our Maintenance Department will install St Augustine sod to clean up all the remaining areas.

Thank you all for your patience and please reply with any questions. Stay safe!

Thank you


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Putting Green Update

Dear Spring Run Members,

I am sure many of you are wondering what the status is of the putting green, and when it will be back to normal again. The putting green is coming along nicely. We have taken care of all the issues with the green and have made all the necessary applications to correct any foreseeable issues that might arise.

The green is still trying to heal up a little bit, and the healing process has been slowed a bit due to the cold weather we have experienced lately. Because of the slower healing process, it has prevented us from switching the chipping green and putting greens. My plan is to switch the greens back the 1st of January. When we do so, however, the upper ridge of the green will still need some healing time, and to prevent it from being used or walked on, we will rope off the area to allow it to finish healing. We will continue to give the area all the necessary attention. With the right growing conditions and no further set-backs, we should hopefully be back to 100% soon. As always, thank you for all your continued support. We are looking forward to a great season and a much happier and healthier 2021.


Benjamin S. Hanshew


Gatehouse Project Update

Just a few updates on the entryway project. The stone was supposed to be installed yesterday, but a covid outbreak at the company shut down their operations. They have a few installers who have tested negative and those employees are being deployed to do the work this week.

The water feature is still an empty hole due to the extended period of time it took to get the permit. Paperwork turned into the Village of Estero must sit for 3 days due to the virus, and there have been multiple issues involving resubmittals. If a permit is granted today, we can have it inspected tomorrow and footers poured on Saturday.

I have spoken to the electricians and once the internet is installed (underground wiring was dug yesterday morning) then they can rehook the gate operators and hardware in the gatehouse itself.

The main gates and fencing will not be ready until Dec 1, but the precast for the tops and bottoms on the columns will be installed Thursday or Friday.

Finally, I am trying to get a night crew to do the asphalt work next week to minimize the disruption to traffic as well as avoiding the tracking of tire marks. The asphalt company will be putting a lot of sand on the pavers while they install it to keep the new pavers from being marked up.

Thank you for your patience. Feel free to reply back with any further questions.


Putting Greens Issues

Dear Spring Run Members,

As you may have seen, we are dealing with some issues on the practice green. We have double aerified it, top dressed it, and sodded some of the bad areas on the green as well. There are several reasons for all of this work being done. The first issue is that we are dealing with nematode issues on the green. Nematodes are microscopic worms that feed on the roots and nutrients that the turf needs to survive. The second issue is that the green had a couple of diseases called fairy ring and Pythium that were stressing out the turf. The third issue was a problem call “black layer”. Black layer is an excessive build-up of organic matter in the soil that causes the soil to seal itself off. When this happens, it holds too much water and doesn’t allow the nutrients to move freely in the soil so they can be absorbed by the turf. Subsequently, the roots shrink and die, and the turf thins out and struggles to survive. If not caught, it can eventually kill the turf.

 By double aerifying the green, we physically removed the black layer and opened up the soil so the turf can breathe and begin to heal. Aerifying will help the roots to grow, strengthening the turf. Sodding will allow the green to get back to normal putting conditions faster. And implementing a fungicide program has helped to combat the diseases that were forming on the green.

With all these corrections and careful water management, I am confident that we should see a dramatic improvement in a couple weeks, and hopefully back to normal in a month or so. Thanks for all your understanding as we navigate through this situation. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We are looking forward to a great season at Spring Run Golf Club. Thank you for all your wonderful support!


Benjamin S. Hanshew


Wet Spots on Course

Spring Run Member,

Recently I have been hearing from some members who are dissatisfied with the wet spots we have on the course. I can assure everyone that we are aware of all these spots, and we are constantly driving the course to check for them so we can make any necessary adjustments. The fix for these issues takes time. We are working as fast as we can to correct these issues and ask that you be patient with us.

Recently the greens committee members and I did a course tour together to discuss their concerns. At first, the thought was that they wanted me to make the course firm and fast, which also makes it drier and brown. I explained that if we went this route that our definition would disappear, the cart traffic areas would last longer and be more numerous, Also the turf would stress and thin out, leaving more hard pan areas, and that the lush fluffy lies would go away. I also brought up that when my predecessor did the same, he was met with a lot of criticism. It was decided as a group that we were on the right track and that if we had to deal with a few wet spots from time to time, it would be acceptable to make sure that we kept the current lush green conditions, with the understanding that we would monitor and fix these issues as fast as we can. We have already replaced about 12-15 regular irrigations heads with part-circle adjustable heads to reduce the wet areas. During the budget process, we set aside some money to continue the replacement of the full circle with part circle heads issue. This will be a multiyear project. We will do everything in our power to minimize these issues until they are resolved but we cannot guarantee that there will never be wet spots on the course. Also, I would like to assure everyone that when you see heads running in the morning prior to golf, that we are not watering these wet areas. We are watering the dried out stressed areas only.

We are being very specific with the heads we turn on so we do not add water to the already wet areas.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.


Benjamin S. Hanshew

Spring Run Golf Club


Golf Guys

Dear Spring Run Member,

Last week, The Golf Guys retail store suspended Member Charge-backs until further notice. Due to a new upgrade in inventory software, their accounting department is having difficulty processing Member Charges. We can, however, pick up any item that you wish and bring it to our Golf Shop for you to purchase and use your credit book. As a Spring Run member, you can purchase items from the Golf Guys, but please be prepared to purchase using other methods than your Spring Run Account number.

The good thing to know it is cheaper to shop at the Spring Run Golf Shop than it is going to The Golf Guys as you automatically get your 20% off Member Price with us! Please consider using our shop for all your golf merchandise needs. Don’t forget that is the only way to use your credit book.

The Golf Guys’ management has told us they are actively working to come up with a solution, but there is no deadline for a solution. Please contact Spring Run’s Golf Shop staff to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

See you at the Spring Run Golf Shop!


Cart Path Only Decisions & Guidelines

Dear Spring Run Member,

Some questions have been raised recently regarding our decision processes and guidelines as it comes to making the course “cart path only” or not. I would like to explain what our evaluation process is when we make these decisions.

Our first step is always to look at how much rain we actually received on the course. Usually, anything less than a ½ inch and we don’t have any issues. If we received more than ½ inch then we drive the entire golf course and check the status. While we are driving the course, we are evaluating several factors.

The first thing we are looking at is how soft and how much water our tires are pushing and splashing while we are driving. If it is consistent water under the tires, then the hole will be “cart path only”. If the water sound is a little more intermittent, then we look at several other factors. The first factor then is how much we hear the water under the tires. If it is more than 60% of the hole then we make the hole cart path only. If it is less then that, we typically try to stake it off and put out signs to avoid the wet areas.

The next factor we evaluate is whether or not carts will damage the turf if we let them drive on the hole. If we find a wet area while we are driving, we drive through the area and see if our carts leave any tracks or ruts like the one in the pictures below.

If we hear water but don’t leave ruts or mud anything up, we will stake off the area and leave the hole open to carts.  We drive every hole on the course and make these evaluations, and then meet to discuss what we found and what the game plan will be. If we can, we try to leave as much of the golf course available as possible to drive on and only make certain holes cart path only. However, there are times where there are only 1 or 2 holes available to drive on, in that case, to make it easier for all members and golfers to remember the rules for the day we just simply make it cart path only on the whole course. We always try to minimize the cart path only restrictions to specific holes if we can but, that is not always possible because of the amount of rainfall or possible damage to the course. We never make cart restriction decisions based on who is playing golf that day or if there is an event. Nor do we take into account the appearance to others if we reduce or minimize cart restrictions. Our decisions are based solely on the conditions of that particular day and safety and health of the golf course.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to make Spring Run Golf Club the best bundled community in southwest Florida.


Benjamin S. Hanshew

Spring Run Golf Club, Superintendent

Ropes and stakes

Dear Spring Run Member,

Ropes and stakes on the golf course can be a nuisance, I know. However, they are there to help manage stress on the turf by redirecting cart and foot traffic. These tools are necessary to help us keep the course in excellent condition. Stepping over them does not help. And cutting them is definitely not appreciated.

Someone has been cutting the ropes on #7, and either Sunday or Monday, they cut those ropes on the tee box in three different places. This is not the first time this has happened, as last year, someone cut ropes on #2 and #3. Not only is this detrimental to attempts to control cart traffic, is extra work for the staff and cost to the club,  it is vandalism. The Board of Directors is very interested in who may be behind this.

Thank you for understanding the purpose of the ropes and stakes. Know that by walking around the ropes and entering the fairway at the last stake, you are helping keep Spring Run’s beautiful golf course in great shape!


Summer Hours & Services

Dear Spring Run Members,
I would like to clarify what services will be provided during Summer Hours in Spring Run, as there has been some confusion.
In recent years, we have provided happy hour pricing each afternoon from 3:30 – 6 PM, except on Wednesdays when the Clubhouse is closed. This will continue throughout the summer, unless we determine there is not enough support to justify continuing it.
In the Board Meeting May 28, I was asked if delivery was going away now that the Clubhouse is partially reopened. I replied that the delivery concept was not going away, but some took that to mean it would continue with the same previously available schedule. I had mentioned we were in Summer Hours, but did not spell out what that meant in my answer. Delivery will be available during lunch every day but Wednesdays, but dinners only on Friday nights when we are open for regular dinner. Given the lack of business we have seen to date in the Clubhouse, we feel it is more responsible to reopen according to summer demand instead of opening up everything and increasing labor for services not utilized.
Please feel free to reply back with your thoughts on what you would like to see this summer. If we have sufficient requests, we will accommodate them. Keep in mind we will continue to plan the outdoor tailgate type parties in the clubhouse parking lot and under the porte cochere with great food, cold drinks, excellent entertainment, and Spring Run hospitality and camaraderie.
Happy Summer!