Baby Lea

Dear member,

Our Communications Coordinator  Iva and her husband Dragan welcomed their daughter Lea Sofia Trifunovic on Monday, September 11 at 2:27 AM. Lea is 8 pounds and 20 1/2 inches long. The mom, the dad and the baby are doing great and are very thankful for all of your well wishes.




Hurricane Irma aftermath

Dear Spring Run Member,

I’d like to update you on the recovery process currently underway. Thank you for your patience while we work through the challenges of getting back up and running.

Since the storm passed, we have been focusing first on making the roads passable. With most employees evacuating, there were few to do the heavy lifting. Assisting the staff were two separate crews tasked with removing trees from the streets and then on the golf course.

On Wednesday, a bigger crew of returning staff took aim at cleaning up the golf course, which had very little damage besides losing a number of trees. The ones that are crucial or in play are being taken out now. The rest of the damaged trees will come out in time.

On Thursday, Crawford Landscaping will have been freed up enough from clearing streets in other communities to send in a full cleanup crew, along with the arbor division, which has its work cut out for it. Some can be propped back up but most will need to be taken out and replaced. This will take several weeks, and replacement even longer.

Golf Maintenance power was just restored this morning, and with it, Target and other Coconut Point businesses on the same grid. Unfortunately, Spring Run, Lighthouse Bay, and Copperleaf are on a separate, yet to be restored grid. So we wait for either FPL to get us back up and running, or maybe those generators we ordered last week that ended up in Houston will show up sooner.

Not having power for a duration of time is a stressful thing. It’s not only uncomfortable and inconvenient, but you are stuck in neutral. That’s why there has been little communication, and none through traditional channels. We haven’t had email since Saturday when we took all the servers down, and no electricity means no other way to communicate. Except when I text Iva info as she lays in her hospital bed with her newborn (congrats!) and then posts to the blog or Facebook.

In a natural disaster like this, all resources, supplies, and workers get stretched very thin. And we just had two massive hurricanes back to back. Regardless, we are working hard to get Spring Run back to normal quickly. Thank you again for your patience. If there is anyone in need in Spring Run, please reply back to this message and we will help any way we can.

Thank you and I’ll be in touch soon with more information.


Club closure and tree cleanup

Dear Spring Run members,

We apologize for lack of communication but since we have no power we can’t  send frequent email updates. Unfortunately the power is still out throughout the community, so the club will be closed until we can get electricity. We will keep you posted. We are working very hard to get power back.

In the meantime, we have cleaned up the trees that fell onto the streets so they are passable, although some street flooding remains. Tree cleanup will be a long process so we thank you for your patience.

Hurricane Irma

Dear Spring Run Member,

Its blue skies and sunny out the window in Southwest Florida, but that will change starting tomorrow. Overnight, this enormous storm’s track shifted to the west a bit, taking it over the Everglades, and essentially affecting both coasts.

We have secured the club, and are prepared to recover once the storm passes. Please note that we will be shutting down the email and data servers to protect the equipment. This means we will not be able to receive emails or communicate with you until Monday at the earliest.

If you have decided to stay in Spring Run, please be safe, and we wish you the best. The staff will be back as soon as possible!

Hurricane Irma

Dear Spring Run Members,

Due to threat of impending Hurricane Irma, the Spring Run clubhouse is closing today (Thursday) at 2pm, and there will be no tee times after noon in order to give our employees enough time to prepare and evacuate.

The clubhouse and course should reopen next week (tentatively on Tuesday) depending on whether or not we will have power. We will keep you posted, but we anticipate no later than Thursday. We will send updates via email and text, but will also post messages on our website, our blog, on our Facebook page, and also on our community channel, Summit channel 102.

Thank you,
Spring Run Golf Club

Here’s what happens to bunkers after heavy rains

Dear Spring Run Member,

I thought I would share the results of the “test” from Friday’s (August 25) heavy rainfall. Over the past two weeks, we have installed a material along the face of the rear greenside bunker on #12 and the Fairway bunker to the right on #18. Here is visual proof that it worked.

The image below is one of the bunkers in front of #12 green, with erosion of sand down into the bottom of the trap that is now full of water


The image below, featuring its new bunker material, was unfazed by the rain event.


The image below is the fairway bunker on #18 . While a couple areas along the face show small patches of erosion, the vast majority of the hazard remained intact. Normally, this would be in the worst condition on the golf course.  Now it is one of the best.


The plan is to begin a program of installing Bunker Solutions material to the face of all the greenside bunkers, and likely all fairway bunkers as well, depending on the cost, priority, available labor, time of year, and Board approval. The beauty of this system is that it can be installed by our own crews, as opposed to specially trained installers for the other products. And the best part….it’s considerably less expensive than any of the previous options!

The attached photos were just taken this morning after 3 ½ inches of rain here at Spring Run. This was a very good test of the Bunker Solutions System that we have installed in 2 traps already. The photos show you what the bunker on hole 18 looks like compared to the green side bunker on 18 which is much less severe a slope as the right side fairway bunker with the new system installed. These are pictures Vince Corso took to show the effect of erosion on bunkers and soft paths following these rain events.

The images shows the amount of water in the cart path just before the hole 17 tee box. It is 6” deep and flowing.

The images below are of the fairway bunker on hole 18 which has the Bunker Solutions System installed in it. The images show the only washout in that bunker. You can see that the Bunker Solutions material is intact and retains sand. NO CONTAMINATION occurred!


The image below shows how far the water in the pond next to the 18th hole is out of its banks.


The images below show the damage to the bunker on hole 18 which is relatively flat as compared to the fairway bunker.


The images below show the right side fairway bunker on hole 10. That bunker along with the greenside bunker on hole 18 and I’m sure many others on the course are contaminated as well as washed down and will require a lot of manhours of work to rake the sand back up; but also will require a lot of new sand to cover up the contaminated sand.


Golf Course Closure Extended

Dear Member,

Our normal golf course closure has been extended due to some additional necessary golf course maintenance. The closure dates will be Monday, August 14th thru Wednesday, August 23rd. There will be staff member in the Golf Shop daily to make reciprocal tee times. Please contact the golf shop with your requests up to one week in advance.

The Clubhouse will be OPEN on Monday August 21st and Tuesday August 22nd for normal foodservice operations.