Welcome Message from Spring Run

Dear Member:

Welcome to Springing Forward, a website dedicated to providing you with a behind the scenes look into the issues affecting Spring Run and a place to provide feedback on those issues.

At least two times a month, we will post an article describing an issue that affects Spring Run. At the bottom of the article, you will have the opportunity to “Leave a Comment.” This is a place for you, a Member, to provide constructive feedback on the topic.

Try leaving us a comment… what do you think about this new two-way communication website?

Coming soon…..
On April 25, we will post our first article titled “The 2014 Golf Course Renovation.” We have chosen this topic as our first post because we have received many questions about the project. I think you will find it interesting, as it talks about the agronomical reasons for the project and addresses many of the Member comments that have been heard around the Club. At the end of the article, you will have a chance to reply with your comments. 


26 thoughts on “Welcome Message from Spring Run

  1. Roger Rydstrom

    Mike, great pict. of you!
    Great idea, keeps the ones who are up north in contact with Sp. R., promotes a reaction to the many communications owners get from the club, gets rumors to surface,
    builds confidence thru transparency and because it can be an owners anonymous question or statement to you, it is a not a treating experience for the owner. Push the anonymity of their response. Have a poster publicizing your initiative in the clubhouse. Just some ideas.

  2. Great idea Mike and I look forward to your article on the golf course renovation. Also very nice not to have to sign in when I want to “read more.” Is the new software program installed? Mary T.

  3. Carol Furtwengler


    Creating this forum for discussion with you and the membership is a fantastic idea! I think your first topic is very appropriate as the membership has many questions about the golf course renovation project. Hats off to you and the staff for this innovative idea!

  4. Christine Hamilton

    I believe this is a very constructive way for all the residents of Spring Run to learn about the much needed renovation of the course. I look forward to the first posting. Thank you for creating an “open book” forum.

  5. Ron and MaryLu Lasecki

    Great idea Mike. Let’s us snowbirds keep track of what happening at Spring Run. Thanks, Ron and MaryLu Lasecki

  6. Carol McConnell

    I think this is a great way to give feedback to the club. Being up North six months allows us to keep in touch and be in the know of what is going on here at Sping Run. Great idea!

  7. Gina Trousil

    A very articulate statement of reasons for the proposed rennovation of the golf course, Mike. I’d like to add my support for enhancing the aesthetics of the course when that rennovation occurs. I enjoy playing at Copperleaf because of the water features and flowers on that course. If providing some water features w/bridges at Spring Run is not too expensive, I support adding them when the 2014 rennovation takes place.

    I also applaud your idea to keep seasonal residents informed via “Springing Forward”.

  8. Robert Courchesne

    Thanks for the info Mike. Sounds great to me as I am here because of the golf so lets keep it in the best of shape possible. I love the ideas of some walls and bridges to give it a little more character. Have a great summer and see you in the fall.

  9. Dave Lyons

    This is an effective way of communicating to the entire community. I would support the addition of architectural features that add some character to our course.

  10. Joe Florenzano

    Mike this is a great way for everyone to keep up to date on what is happening at Spring Run, especially those of us not living there year round. Thanks!

  11. jim nicklaus


    Excellent new communication feature for us Snowbirds. Great forward thinking on golf course renovation. I am sure it will be done correctly to enhance the beauty,playability, and durability for many years.

    Thanks for you great efforts over the years,

    Jim Nicklaus

  12. Nancy Taylor

    Thank you for starting such a great new information piece for Spring Run. What a great way for us to get accurate information and create enthusiasm for the projects we have underway. What issue will you feature next?

  13. Mike

    I havent gotten any suggestions for new topics yet! However, i thought the new social transfer membership issue deserves some discussion, so that is the next topic. Look for it later this week.

  14. Nancy Taylor

    Hi Mike:
    When the first phase of the dining room is complete, I am sure readers would like to see some pictures with an explanation of what was done with this reserved money during the two summer closures.
    Thank you

  15. Bob and Judy Lee

    We are not totally against the expansion of the club. How can the board put this through when the members voted it down last year? Why isn’t this going back to the membership for a vote?

  16. Carlo fumando

    Carlo Fumando
    Mike. Although I am in favor for these improvements.have we already gotten estimates from licensed/qualified companies for this project? If not..is it not true. this assessment could increase somewhat dramatically.

  17. Jim Tallman

    My understanding after being in a focus group and attending the membership meeting where the results were presented was that the most urgent need was for more space in the kitchen. I agree with that. The second thing I heard was the need to do something about parking as there is inadequate space for parking at the club. They were the two issues I heard. Since then I have heard nothing about parking, except that some space will be lost when the cart barn is being replaced. What is the plan to handle parking during the construction, but particularly in the future if and when the construction is completed. I am also concerned that the membership will not be voting on whatever the final plan is.

  18. Jim Heffernan

    In reading how far the new cart barn willl move toward the practice green, let’s not forget to leave room for the bike racks. I have noticed in the last few days that they have been used very well. Hopefully people will use them even more in the future as recommended to help with the parking situation. Perhaps we can even expand the number of racks.

  19. tom and chris standring

    lake masters came out this week and planted maybe 30 or 40 plants on the shore and in the water, tom played golf this afternoon and they are all over the water, did we pay for this? I guess it needs to be redone and fixed, it’s #4 all the plants are on the golf course side by the water

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