Spring Run Construction Update

Dear Members,

Over the past month, we have developed a Construction Committee, chaired by Tom Brooke. The Committee consists of Tom Brooke, Ron Maassen, Guido Campagna, Jim Bartl, Luke Cunningham, Joanne Markiewicz, and Mike Zigler. All have expertise and experience in project management and are quite familiar with projects of this scope and nature. Last month, we identified 3 firms as candidates for the Construction Management job: D. Garrett Construction, DeAngelis Diamond, and BCBE Construction. Although any of the firms would have done an excellent job, we chose D. Garrett due to their history and familiarity with Spring Run and also their price, which was not the lowest, but very close. We also settled on a Civil Engineer to handle the sitework, and negotiated a price and contract with the Architect of the last project, and the one who has handled the feasibility studies over the past couple years. We are confident that this team will be able to provide Spring Run with the most appropriate and desirable result within our budget constraints possible.

Rest assured, no major decisions have been made outside assembling a team. We have met on many occasions to discuss the particulars of the project, and I have been keeping the staff (Golf Pro, Chef, F&B Managers) involved in the details of the planning to ensure outstanding operational effectiveness. The main focus now is developing the best design and traffic flow. Each of our contractors is well aware of our timelines and is capable of delivering what is needed to be able to make this project work.

While we finish up the “Feasibility stage” and move toward the engineering stage, we still anticipate a May 2012 commencement.  Also, we are seriously considering completing all aspects of this project at one time (ie. May – Nov 2012) instead of phasing it in over 3 years. The hope is that we will save money, and also have the club cleaned up by the winter.

There are some very big decisions to be made in the next month, and I will keep you informed as we make them and keep you in the loop as often as necessary as things progress.



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