Update on Clubhouse Renovation Project

Dear Spring Run Member,


The Clubhouse Renovation project has evolved since my last post, and for several very good reasons. While the architect and engineers put the finishing touches on the final drawings, I now feel that I have enough specific information to update the members on the status of our renovation plans.

The Construction Committee has been charged with developing a feasible plan from the architect’s original proposal that fits within our approved $2.5M budget, and achieves the original goals of

  • A new improved kitchen,
  • A larger and safer exercise room, and
  • Additional meeting/card/activity rooms

President Nancy Taylor and the Construction Committee Chairman, Tom Brooke, reported that we had chosen to select the one story project option at the last Board Meeting, but if you were not at that meeting, or have been hearing rumors at a pool party about what is going on, I can provide an update.

First, the Committee has recommended a one story building as opposed to the originally proposed two story building. How did this happen? Well, back in December, we received updated pricing on the two story building, and it was becoming apparent that this option could run higher than what we had budgeted. We also had been under the impression we had to keep our fire lane at the bag drop, but as we found out, the fire marshal did not require it since we were installing sprinklers in the new cart barn. At this point, the architect presented a plan for a one story building that he had been working on, and after we reviewed it, found it was a better plan than the original. Not only did this plan keep the entire clubhouse on one floor, it also solved some questionable operational issues we had been struggling with, such as the location of the offices so far away from the main clubhouse, requiring another admin employee for member services and leaving questions about the member’s accessibility to management . With a one story building, these questions were answered. We found the new plan was several thousand feet smaller, but this was mainly from eliminating the non-functional member space like elevators and stairwells, saving money. And with the new plan, the entire club was on one floor under roof, keeping members out of the rain and avoiding trips up the stairs.

Before we discuss timelines, lets quickly review the  highlights of new building from right to left (or west to east):

  • The Administrative offices will be demolished to make room for an expanded Kitchen
  • The old Pro Shop will become a large meeting/card/dining room for 60 people. This room is connected to the Club Room via folding partitions and will be very useful for providing more space for Game Nights and Happy Hours
  • The old Fitness Room will become Administrative Offices and a secondary Club entrance
  • The fire lane/Bag Drop area will become offices and Cart Barn area in front, and a Multipurpose room and Fitness Room in the back facing the Golf Course
  • The new Pro Shop will face the golf course and expand out to approximately the line of the white metal railing outside the old shop
  • The new Bag Room and Cart Barn will start at the current Bag Drop area and move out to the cart path by the Practice Green

Some notable features:

  • The rear wall facing the golf course in the new section will have a roof overhang, creating a nice long porch from Fitness Room to the end of the building
  • The new Pro Shop will have restrooms and an ice and water station
  • The columns in the new construction will be reinforced to be able to hold a second story if needed someday

Once the Board was apprised of this option and agreed we should proceed, the architect began working on the mechanical engineering for this plan, and the civil engineer redrafted his site plan. All the while, the construction committee continued to meet to refine the project and identify options. So here is where we stand:

  • The final drawings are due from the Architect by February 16, 2012
  • On February 16, the project will be put out to bid to 3-7 subcontractors
  • On March 1, we will receive the results of the first round of bids
  • On March 1, we will also receive color renderings of the building with both a front and rear perspective that we can display in the Clubhouse and email out to residents
  • During this time, building permits will be submitted, with anticipated approval dates in April
  • Construction is slated to begin in mid-May following a large private wedding at the Club booked prior to this project’s approval
  • Golf bags need to be removed from storage by May 1 to facilitate an earlier demolition if required
  • The kitchen will be out of service for 3 months, including demolition, June 1- August 31
  • The pro shop will be in temporary quarters from September 1-November 30
  • Construction is expected to be completed in early December 2012

One of the biggest issues the Club must contend with during renovations is temporary operations. Here is a summary of plans for continuation of services throughout construction:

  • The Admin and Food & Beverage Offices will be relocated to the Club Room May 21
  • A large tent will be installed in the parking lot near Spring Run Blvd for housing and charging the Golf Cart fleet
  • Normal Golf Operations will continue all summer, although the Pro Shop will likely move to the Lobby again as opposed to a temporary trailer
  • A temporary bag drop area and entrance to the Golf Course will be created by mid – May
  • A mobile kitchen will be leased to ensure foodservice June-August. Offerings will be limited due to space and storage constraints, but the bar will remain open throughout the project

One final note: the Town Hall Meeting was postponed so that we could make sure we had solid data to present to the membership that would not change. Convening the membership to discuss a plan that had recently changed and didn’t have final numbers would have been confusing to all. This meeting will be rescheduled for March, and at that time, we can present guaranteed numbers and drawings of the project.

Now that we are on a clear path, I can resume communication on this project so you can stay on top of the plans. I want to thank our diligent and knowledgeable committee members who have provided guidance and insight throughout this planning period. They have a grasp on the planning process and feel comfortable that this is a very manageable project that can be completed in the budgetary and time constraints laid out. We have a lot to do before we break ground, but I know the membership will be proud of what we build once it is complete.




3 thoughts on “Update on Clubhouse Renovation Project

  1. Andrea Olsen


    Thank you for posting such an informative and precise guideline for what is about to take place. We hear so many rumours, most of which are incomplete and some which make no sense at all. We will be following this blog from now on to get the information “straight from the horse’s mouth”…..

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