Stomach Flu

Dear Spring Run Member,
Over the past week, several employees and members have come down with a 24-72 hour stomach flu, most likely caused by the norovirus. As of today, all employees have recovered and are back to work. Interestingly, no kitchen employees have gotten ill, which is a strong indicator that this issue is not foodborne. In addition, a doctor who treated the relative of a member who had been at the club said that particular case was the stomach flu.

A quick survey taken of area clubs yesterday found that over 50% had experienced this type of illness in their communities. Lee County Health department has been consulted but has told Spring Run that no further actions for prevention be taken beyond the current practices of using disinfectant on contact surfaces( such us door knobs, handles, railing, table tops) and having staff wash hands constantly. Spring Run received an excellent health department inspection score in the kitchen two weeks ago, and our preventative measures of sanitation were highlighted.



One thought on “Stomach Flu

  1. Mike Zigler

    As a followup, it appears that the flu bug has left the building! We have not been made aware of any further cases over the past couple weeks, so I believe we are completely back to normal. See you at the Club- Mike Zigler

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