General Club Update

Dear Members,

There is a lot of planning and preparation going on behind the usual activity this time of year, and I would like to update you on a few items of interest:

Clubhouse Expansion Project

The planning for the project is just about finished. Two weeks ago, the Construction Committee met with the Architect to finalize the exact specifications for the project that would be sent out to bid. That list of specs also included a number of alternates that were being priced separately so that when the bids came in, we could decide if there was room in the budget for them, or if some things needed to be taken out. The Construction Manager, Don Garrett, has accepted the Committee’s offer to take an extra week or so to make sure we are getting the best pricing possible. Therefore, as of this writing of this article, no bids have been presented to Spring Run yet. The CM has told contractors they have until Friday March 9 to submit bids, and at that time, those bids will be put into a spreadsheet for a line by line comparison by the Construction Committee on Tuesday March 13.

In the meantime, final engineering continues, and permits are being submitted. Although we have moved the bid period back another week, we are still within our timeline for starting the project on time. Elevation drawings of the project were posted in the Clubhouse lobby last week. Now, color renderings will be displayed there today, as well as online! I know it has taken quite awhile to show you what this project would actually look like, but we couldn’t have drawings made until we approved the final design two weeks ago.


It has taken much longer than anticipated, but I know you will like it. Keep in mind when the project stalled over the holidays and into the new year, the project manager was replaced. Since then, development has been much smoother. Last week, the website design team sent us a link to view the site they had built. Much of the content needed to be edited and I wish to thank the Communications Committee for assigning each member of the Committee to a separate section. The new site is beautiful and now much simpler to use. We had planned to launch the site today or Thursday, but it may take another day or two before everything works as it should. Thank you very much for your patience.

Golf Course Renovation for 2014

The Greens Committee is touring the golf course 9 holes at a time with the Architects and taking extensive notes. The next step is the development of a Master Plan for the entire course. As part of that Plan, a digital graphic presentation will be made to the membership of what the course will look like. We are very excited to be able to share the future plans for the course with all of you, and will look for your input.

Water Permit and RCS Legal Issues

Spring Run’s hearing in front of the Administrative Law Judge is set for next Tuesday, March 13. It is anticipated that we will prevail over Resource Conservation Systems (RCS), but more to come on this next week!

Parking Lot

The Parking Task Force made recommendations to rectify the lack of parking in season at the January Board Meeting, and as a result, we have rearranged some spaces reserved for motorcycles, encouraged car pooling, and now, have hired a parking lot engineer to look at how the lot could be restriped and/or slightly enlarged by paving shrub beds, removing some tree beds, and utilizing some unobtrusive vacant space. We expect a report on how many spaces we can gain by the end of the month and will present it to you as soon as possible.

Speed Humps

While most of you know where these speed humps are, they are not very visible at night, which can be quite a surprise, depending on how fast you are travelling. Yellow reflective “speed bump ahead” signs have been back ordered but now have been shipped out to us and they will be installed as soon as they arrive. In the meantime, our Building Supervisor, Shayne, has installed some reflection and even flashing lights as a temporary measure.

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have.



8 thoughts on “General Club Update

  1. Jeanne Rogers

    I don’t think getting parking ideas from a paid consultant is needed when there is at least a partial solution right in front of us. I think bowing again to the Autumn Lake trouible makers by not allowing temporary parking on the side of the Tennis courts during this construction is costly and ridiculous. That is the best, most accessible and useful area we have with the least disruption to grounds. We already spent an obscene amount of money and time on keeping these people happy…which hasn’t worked…they still bitch. Board and management needs to get strong and just do what is needed on a temporary basis. We’ll all be inconvenienced during this time. Tearing out landscaping and trees and plantings and not using this space, is unfair to the membership at large.

  2. Roger and Barbara Rydstrom

    Thanks Mike for your up date. Makes Barbara and me proud to be be apart of the community, and,to note the efforts made by so many owners…
    “Constantly Striving to be the Best Bundled Golf Community in SW Florida”

  3. Sandy Varnum

    Does anyone remember Joni Mitchell? “Pave Paradise and Put Up A Parking Lot”.

    The SRWGA had an all day member guest event on the same day that Rotary meets at the club house. They got the word out to the membership to car pool, be dropped off and to have their guests park at the members home. Parking was not a problem.

    Parking is a problem for 3 months of the year, mainly on shotgun days. When events are scheduled, parking must be considered and walking, biking, carpooling need to be more actively encouraged by the club and leagues.

  4. Bill Krein


    Great report, thanks

    We could solve the club parking problem if it were not necessary for everyone to drive to the club. Ski resorts have solved this problem with regular shuttles that circulate through out the community at 15-20 minute intervals. We could do the same and provide doorstop to pro shop service. Three or four oversized golf carts similar to those used at the Naples Zoo would do the trick and the shuttle would be needed only during the “season”, January through March. It would probably cost about the same as a parking lot consultant to purchase the carts.

    Bill Krein

  5. Mary Ann Gullotti

    In the club house expansion project section you mentioned that the list of specs included a number of alternatives that were being priced separately. Can you tell us what those alternatives are?

  6. Gary Ward

    Great update. Many thanks!

    I agree with a comment already made that the value of hiring an engineer for parking space availability is questionable. We might need to evaluate the cost/benefit regarding number of additional spaces, but it seems straight forward about what could be the potential for new spaces.

    Also, Did Spring Run advocate the Obama Advertisement for your blog?

    Gary Ward

  7. Iva

    Mr. Ward,

    Are you refering to the random underlined words that when you click on them they take you to an outside website?
    If yes, then that is spam that is probably coming from your side. You might have to delete your internet cookies, run virus scans, or simply delete browsing history.
    Please don’t hesitate to stop by the office if you have more questions.

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