Construction Project Update

Dear Spring Run Member,

While most of you have headed north for the summer, a flurry of work has taken place as the staff prepares for construction to begin later this month. At this point, most of it involves moving equipment and supplies into storage, and getting contractors set to begin work they will need to do before breaking ground. The site permitting has all been approved, and the building permit is in process. We are applying for a separate demolition permit so we can commence demolition in the event that the building permit is not ready on time so we can stay on schedule.

The most important initial project is to coordinate the removal of all necessary charging equipment for the golf cart fleet and relocating it to its new temporary home: the left side of the driving range under a 70 x 100’ tent. This tent will house the carts, chargers, and electrical panels and systems to carry out the process for the next 7 months. The trickiest time will be a window of time starting Monday May 21 when the electrician will be trenching wires from the transformer to the range and along the rows where the carts will be parked and charged. It gets even trickier as they will be moving the transformer at some point after we hook up charging services. And then we have to erect the tent. Obviously, if not planned correctly, we could find ourselves with golfers and dead cart batteries. No worries…we won’t let that happen!

We are also faced with shutting down the kitchen and starting up operations again outside the dining room in a portable kitchen. Not surprisingly, though, the Chef has put together a nice little lunch menu that everyone can enjoy throughout the summer. We plan to reuse the bag drop canopy on the back patio to house refrigeration and heating units that don’t fit in the mobile kitchen. And speaking of the Bag Drop, we will be moving that to the gazebo now repainted and relocated along Spring Run Blvd as you enter the community. More on that in a future blog!

Probably the question most members have is “what will it cost?” Well, it is almost decided on, but there are still some things we need to finalize in the price and then we can reach our Guaranteed Maximum Price with the contractor. The GMP is very important, as once we agree on it, it cannot go up (unless we allow change orders!) We also have contingency built in outside of the price to ensure funding in the event of an unforeseen circumstance that needs resolution immediately. Any savings at the end of the project is “reimbursable” and will be shared 80/20 with the General Contractor. None of the contingency is reimbursable…only items included in the GMP.

More to come next week. Just providing you with a quick status update!


2 thoughts on “Construction Project Update

  1. Dick Dussault

    The information in this blog is very important to Spring Run owners. Why don’t you email a copy to all owners when prepared. In this blog report, you indicated there would be more next week. Next week has come and gone and I didn’t find an update. An email copy might be more effective.

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