Construction Project FAQ sheet

Dear Member,

As we progress through our renovation and expansion project, we felt that providing you with answers to Frequently Asked Questions and some various facts about the project would be helpful. Please let us know if there are questions you would like answered that we have not addressed in this document.


Q. Why was the final project cost not determined until after season when many of the residents had left for the summer?

A. The Construction Committee worked diligently throughout the fall and winter to finalize the scope of the project so that it could be priced.  We all had hoped we would have final numbers by March or April. However, we had to wait for engineering to be completed, and then wait for bids to be finalized and returned. Had we reported in March or April to the membership on the numbers at that time, just so we could report when everyone was here, those numbers would have been incorrect. We still would have had to come back in May. Then, not only would we have to report the budget had grown, but that we reported too early.

Q. I heard the project is behind schedule.

A. Demolition started a week late while the General Contractor negotiated with the demolition company. This is the company they wanted and they have done a very clean and efficient job. They have worked so quickly that we are right back on schedule.

Q. How does the Board plan on keeping the residents informed of the project progress?

A. The Club’s website, , has a section dedicated to pictures of the project. In addition, the GM will periodically send out updates via email. Also, check out and subscribe so that you receive an email notice with each new post. And of course, the Club Connector is your bi-weekly source of information on all things Spring Run!


Q. Does the projected cost of the project include a contingency for unexpected costs?

A. Yes, the total projected cost contains $100,000 in contingency funds.


Q. What are the project completion dates? What is the contingency plan if the project is not completed on time? 

A. The kitchen will be completed first and ready by the start of September. The total building project should be completed by Dec 15 2012. The contract lists the date of completion as Dec 15, 2012 and the Contractor is very cognizant of the importance of finishing before Season begins here.


Q. What is the final approved maximum cost of this project?

A. The Board approved a not-to-exceed cost of $2,760,000. Hopefully, the costs will come in much less but we have to plan for the highest potential cost.


Q. Why is the project over budget by $260,000?

A.  Over 9 months while researching and altering the project, the estimated cost of construction increased by 5% in the size, scope, and price of the building, and 5% in the ancillary or “owner provided” costs. Owner provided items are those not included in the scope of construction, including, but not limited to:

  • Architect, Interior & Engineering Fees
  • Data and Media (running new cable and installing computers and audio/visuals)
  • Temporary Operations for Kitchen, Offices, Cart Barn, Pro Shop and Storage
  • Landscaping
  • Impact Fees for the County
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Furniture and Fixtures

 When we originally came up with the $2.5M budget, the plan was to phase this project in over a couple years and build a separate 2 story building. When that changed, our logistics changed as well. And quite frankly, we underestimated the cost of the temporary cart charging area and temporary offices, as well as the cost to re-cable and install proper A/V throughout the new area.

In particular, the cost to maintain golf and F&B operations throughout the summer and a busy fall was originally estimated in August to be around $25,000, as was the cost for cabling and Media. Those two line items contributed over $100,000 in incremental increases alone. That said, services throughout the summer and fall will continue uninterrupted for our membership.

Q. The new Board-approved estimate is $260,000 over the $2.5M loan the club has taken. If that overage is realized what is the plan to pay for it

A. If the costs come in over budget, the plan is to add an 11th  year to the capital assessment in 2023 consisting of any remaining balance. One year’s worth of assessment at $367 brings in $310,849 since there are 847 units in SR. If the overage is $100,000, the final year assessment will be $118.


Q. What is the biggest time consuming effort you and your staff do in conjunction with the project.

A. The first order of business was to research, plan, and coordinate this project. That took 9 months. Once that was done, we had to move everything out of the offices, kitchen, and cart barn, which was very time consuming.  The office furniture, file storage, and all the phones and data lines were moved to the Club Room. We disconnected and moved every piece of kitchen equipment into storage, and a crew of employees and members dismantled every bag storage shelf unit, marking each piece so we could be reassembled later. Once we moved everything, we focused on setting up temporary operations, such as a new bag drop, ice and water station, temporary cart charging and staging, and a mobile kitchen out back on the patio. And all these new areas require utility hookups such as electricity, gas, water, and data cables. Right now, the project is in the hands of the contractor, and our main focus is coordinating with them and managing the project on a daily basis.


Q. Were we able to use any of the existing kitchen equipment?

A. Definitely. We were able to reuse over half of it. Some of it is brand new.


Q. Does the project include a structure that will accommodate a second floor if the community needs this in the future?

A. We originally included this expense in our plans. However, after careful consideration and advice from our Architect, we decided against it. We can fortify our existing foundation at some point in the future for roughly the same amount of money and ensure that it will meet code.


Q. I think I read somewhere that we were going to “rent” new equipment for the fitness room rather than “buy” new equipment. I have used the fitness room on a regular basis and find the machines work perfectly fine. If I am correct in the assumption why are planning the rental?

A. We are planning to lease the new equipment, much like we do the golf cart fleet. This way, we are not stuck with a piece of equipment for 10 plus years, but we can trade it in 4-5 years for a new piece. Lease rates are very inexpensive and we don’t have to tie up capital with a fixed purchase.


Q.  If the equipment for the new workout room is leased, who will maintain and repair damaged machines? Is that cost included in the lease agreement? 

A. We currently have a quarterly maintenance contract through the company we purchased most of the equipment from. If we have a lease agreement, the maintenance cost will be included.


Q. Will the project include a handicap accessible door to the clubhouse?

A. Yes, but the exact type of accessibility has not yet been decided on. I have included sufficient money in the budget to cover what we decide to add based on various bids I have received.


Q. Does the plan include landscaping?

A. Yes. Landscaping is included in the price. Trees will need to be replaced, and the landscape committee has provided me with an itemized assessment of what they would like to install to beautify the new area.


Q. Will we lose any parking spaces in the parking lot with the new building.

A. No, we will not lose any existing parking. But we still need to find additional parking!


Q.  While the Board plans on not exceeding the new overall budget, the cost estimate has already increased by $260,000. How will the Board deal with additional overages that may occur as the project continues?

A. As stated earlier, part of the increased cost includes $100,000 in contingency funds for unexpected costs.  The Board included this extra $100,000 to deal with those unexpected increases.  If the Contingency is not used, it will decrease the total cost of the project. The $260,000 is not ACTUAL cost increases…it is an estimate.


6 thoughts on “Construction Project FAQ sheet

  1. Why don’t you count the money you are using from the reserve fund when you say the total project cost is $2,760,000. iHEARD YOU ARE USING $200,000 TO $300,000. OF THE RESERVE FUND?

    1. Mike Zigler

      That money is already included in the total. The reserve items were things that needed to be replaced anyway and were affected by the construction.

  2. John Butler

    Why is an open web page to the public? Since it pertains to projects funded by the owners at Spring Run, should it not be for members only. Non members are not involved in the decision making or at least should not be.

    1. Mike Zigler

      This blog is “public” ONLY because many members dont like to log in. That was a constant complaint. This keeps them from having to take that extra step of typing in their information each time. Also, we dont tell non-members about this site. Notices go only to Spring Run members.

  3. Kurt Williamson

    I am sure Florida is no different than most of America today and the prices are not going up to the tune of $260,000 on a project , unless items left out of the original budget , even with $100,000 in a contigency line item . who is watching / understanding / and dealing with and questioning every $ in all phases and requests for those $’s to be spent on the work . Cannot relie on the GC or subs as they live for change orders . Most of the time the Architects do not understand $’s either and design as they see fit , and they do know how to design whatever somone asks for . This is my opinion , but have dealt with this issue several times a year on nunerous projects in Minnesota , so need to understand all phases and dollars is most important .

    Thank you – Kurt Williamson

    1. Mike Zigler

      The construction went up 5% from the original estimate in August til April (over 8 months) due to increased square footage and some increased prices. The other $125,000 (5%) was in ancillary items….things that are NOT included in the construction price. Items such as interior design, furniture, bag room storage units..which i thought would have been in the construction price, temporary operations, engineering, etc. I put that budget together and it grew as we found out that our plans for temporary operations (golf cart charging and storage until December, temporary kitchen, office move etc.) had been underbudgeted. We now have a solid handle on that and i watch it every day. The construction price is now a Guarenteed Maximum price, and the cost can only increase if we allow change orders.

      I have recruited the talents of full-time Spring Run residents Luke Cunningham and Jack Chadwick, both very familiar with construction and contractors, to be the on-site owner reps along with myself. They keep a close eye on the contractors and will ensure that this project is done correctly and in a timely manner.

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