CenturyLink: Prism TV Service / Service – Conversion timelines

Dear Members,

Many of you have been anticipating the CenturyLink video upgrade, and it looks like the wheels are finally turning! The major equipment replacement will begin around September 10th when CenturyLink will begin cutting over new service for the unit owners at Spring Run. This process will hopefully be complete by Thanksgiving. Some residents who have existing data/ DSL service with CenturyLink will experience a down time on their service as new equipment is installed and CenturyLink technicians will need access to the units to provide new customer equipment inside the units to receive the DSL/data service. Residents without current CenturyLink service will of course not be affected.

As the new equipment comes on line Spring Run residents will have the option to purchase Prism TV and bundle Prism TV with data and voice services based on individual customer needs. As of today I do not have a schedule on which areas of Spring Run will be converted and in what order.

Residents interested in pricing and options for Prism TV can contact the Naples retail location at 596-6220

I will provide further updates as the process continues and please call or email if you have questions.

Spring Run welcomes competition in the broadcast marketplace!



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