Construction Update

Dear Member,

So much has been going on that your manager really hasn’t known where to start. Now that the kitchen epoxy floor has been poured and we are waiting for it to dry, now seems like a good time to get you caught up on things around here. Let’s start with the kitchen as that deadline is coming up quickly. Currently, all the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC has been installed, along with the new exhaust hoods, fire resistant paneling, ceilings, and a new cooler. Once the new floor dries next week, we will start bringing in the new kitchen equipment! Right on time, and right on budget!

The new kitchen layout is excellent and we are very excited to get started using this new tool to continue to enhance foodservice to the Spring Run membership. Now that the kitchen is almost complete with no real surprises, we turn our attention to the area of new construction. This new area is being built in the space where the old cartbarn, fire lane, and some staging area used to be. In addition, the new space will include the old Pro Shop and Fitness Room. This past week, the construction crew began knocking holes in the walls of those old rooms, cutting out the old wall framing and tearing out the ceilings. The mason block walls have been particularly impressive as they went up, with entire walls going up one day! The lone setback was a couple weeks ago when a freshly poured cement and block wall toppled in a flash microburst on a late Friday afternoon. Not to be fazed, the crew quickly cleaned up the damage and prepared it to be rebuilt the next day. While the columns are being poured and formed, the new cart staging area has been paved, and the final plans are being developed for how the bag drop areas and cart traffic areas will be laid out. At the Construction Committee meetings we hold each Monday, I was informed by the Project Manager that we are actually AHEAD of schedule on this phase of the job. Minimal change orders and a project on time…all music to a frenzied manager’s ears! There are always issues to deal with each day, but I am truly thankful for the supervision I have had on this project. Not only is Garrett’s Project Supervisor, Chuck extremely competent and hands-on, I have two fantastic Owner’s Reps in Luke Cunningham and Jack Chadwick. The Club is grateful for all they do, and we have a lot to look forward to this fall. Feel free to ask any questions or comment. I will have more to report on as we move closer to completion of this wonderful new amenity for the Spring Run community.



2 thoughts on “Construction Update

  1. Jessie Lovatt

    Dear Mike. Thank you for your most recent update. I am so excited and look forward to seeing our new facility in November.
    You are all doing a fantastic job and I thank you and all involved. Sincerely. Jessie Lovatt

  2. John Butler

    As you have already noted, a special thank you should be given from all members to Luke Cunningham and Jack Chadwick, for their tireless devotion to this project. All members should thank them when you see them around Spring Run. We are lucky to have them overseeing this project. Thank you.

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