Transfer Members Report

Dear Spring Run Member,


Most of you have seen the Board Agenda for today that lists several fee increases respective to Transfer Members. I know this since I have gotten a few calls on it already this morning! Allow me to answer some questions surrounding this issue:


  • No changes in policy regarding Transfer Members are being discussed or dealt with today except for some fee increases that need to be included in the annual budget
  • The proposed fee increases are a result of several things: the Transfer Member impact report, recommendations by specific subcommittees, and the results of the usual investigation of area club fees that management and the Finance Committee do annually as we prepare the budget and attempt to keep Spring Run competitive and in-line with our area communities.
    • In looking at the Transfer Member greens fee increases, we used data from the report with showed Spring Run in the middle of all the club’s surveyed last year.
    • In looking at the Transfer Member Administration Fee, we found a low of $150 to $500. Spring Run has been $225, falling somewhere in the middle.
    • To view the Transfer Member Impact report, go to the website , log in and click on the Transfer Member report article located on the Member Home Page. From there you will see the report from each subcommittee. You will also find links in the report that will take you to the actual data that was collected on this issue and that was used as a basis for recommendations.
    • The Board will take up this issue in depth beginning with the October Board meeting.


If you have any more questions, please reply below.




3 thoughts on “Transfer Members Report

  1. Jim Rusie

    Thank you for the report. The website will not let me log in because my transfer time epired in April. How can I acess this report   Jim Rusie


  2. David Courtad

    Thanks Mike. I am a property owner that rents on a limited basis. Let’s not price ourselves out of the market. Being somwhere in the middle of the fee range is a good place to be. Just raising fees without significant rational (increasing costs. etc ) won’t be justified.

  3. Hal Mendlowitz

    As an owner and a renter I am concened that we do not act with out concern for the future of transfer members. i appears to me that for many, it makes a viable investment for a second home. If we discourage them, or make it too expensive, our own costs will rise. Thank you

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