CenturyLink Spring Run Status

Dear Spring Run member,

Century Link is finally installing the new infrastructure required to upgrade their phone and data services to include video, thus giving Spring Run members a choice between Comcast and Satellite TV. The other communities in the Brooks are very interested in options to Comcast and satellite as well, but so far it is mainly for a bundled contract for all their residents. Spring Run has considered this from time to time, but the general feedback I have received from our residents is that they want to maintain the option to choose as well as to put service on vacation hold in the off season. Keep in mind….we are the ONLY community in the Brooks to have this infrastructure installed, and one of the very first anywhere!

This community is very fortunate to have this system installed that provides its members choice at NO charge for the infrastructure installations. Century Link anticipates that some Spring Run residents will have Prism service available to them by the start of November, with the remainder of the community completed in December. Century Link will contact any resident with landline or internet service with them by phone once their area is completed to see if you are interested in signing up for service. They will also begin advertising for available service once the project is completed at year end. If you have any questions, please reply back.



2 thoughts on “CenturyLink Spring Run Status

  1. Judy Officer

    Thank you. Thank you. I’ve been holding off on internet service until this was available and hopefully at a better price!

  2. Nicole West

    Maybe I missed it, but has a proposal with an estimated cost to the members ever been presented for a Spring Run bundled community contract with Century Link? I would be interested in such a contract if the cost is not too prohibitive.

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