Beware of new Scam!

Last Friday afternoon, a resident of Spring Run was contacted saying she had won a brand new Mercedes and $2.7M. He wanted her address so they could drop the car off. He also wanted $300 to do so. The resident smartly declined to give that information, and told the person to call once they came to the gatehouse. This particularly brazen criminal called her at 2AM asking for the address as he wanted to deliver the car. He was properly denied access.

The Lee County Sheriff is investigating this new type of scam, which apparently is making its rounds in the area. We were fortunate to get his cell phone number and that has been turned over to the Sheriff’s Fraud Department. If you get a call from this person, DO NOT SEND MONEY, and DO NOT ALLOW THEM IN THE COMMUNITY. This person has robbed or threatened to rob his victims. Call the Lee County Sheriff at (239)447-1000 to report it immediately.
Thank you,



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