Construction Completion Update

Dear Member,

Despite their best efforts, the Club’s General Contractor for the construction project informed us today that they have not been able to catch up from some lost time earlier on, and we are now looking at a new completion date no later than the first week in January. The contractor’s superintendent has been extremely diligent in moving the project along, and our own Owner’s Reps have been pushing every step of the way. Some unexpected issues arose along the way, such as a major issue with the fabrication of roof trusses that caused a delay when they had to be sent back. Ever since, they have been working to make up lost time, but the recent delay with insulation installation hurt that effort.  Regardless, we are completely committed to getting the building occupied sooner, even if some finish work is not completed.

Getting the Bag Storage room operational is of utmost importance, along with the relocation of the Pro Shop and Offices. And we need to get the Club Room back in order again asap so we can have enough room as we begin the season. I am watching the progress both inside and out, and see this project coming along very well now. Almost all the stucco and roof tile work is complete, and the building will soon be ready for painting. Walls are being painted inside, and the windows and ceiling tiles should be done by week’s end. After that, we will begin finish work and installing carpets. Concrete is being poured today, and the new bag drop and pavers will begin right after.  At the moment, the project is under its Board Approved budget, but not by much. That said, we have not yet taken into account any of the shared savings from the contractor, which should help ensure that the project comes in under budget

We will have a Grand Opening Happy Hour from 5-7 PM on Wednesday January 23, 2013, with special hors d’oeuvres, half priced drinks, and entertainment.

There is much to be excited about and we very much look forward to moving into our new home where we can serve the membership’s needs in a building that you will truly be proud of.




4 thoughts on “Construction Completion Update

  1. Nicholas Murphy

    Hi Mike, I can understand construction delays but I inquired about Garrett Construction and I understand that they were suspended from bidding on Lee County projects because they always had delays on their projects. If homework had been done and that fact was known, why wasnt a penalty clause installed in the contract? And to be perfectly honest, if a contractor has a history of delayed projects, I would be very leery of hiring him. Nick Murphy

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mr. Murphy,
      I contacted a Spring Run owner who works for Collier County purchasing about this issue. This owner contacted someone at Lee County who deals with contractors and was told that there is nothing to indicate that they have any suspension on D. Garrett Construction bidding on any projects.



    Very disappointing news.  When we left Spring Run a few weeks ago, things didn’t look like a December finish was possible but we were told everything was moving along on schedule for a December 15th completion.  I hope we had some type of penalty clause in the contract so that the club will benefit from some type of payback for the inconvience we all will  face in December/January.  Hang in there.

    Dick Dussault

  3. Nancy Taylor

    It is unfortunate that false rumors which can damage a person’s reputation spread so quickly, yet factual information is seldom heard or listened to. Please know that we have checked with Collier and Lee county as well as the DOT regarding this rumor on Garret Construction and have found nothing that substantiates the allegation that they have been suspended from Bidding on county projects. This is simply not true. In fact we have received testimonials from over 10 clubs that have used them for their recent renovations and they have nothing but praise for the quality of Garrett’s work and his willingness to adapt to unexpected situations that sometimes creep into a renovation.

    While we are all disappointed that we are looking at a three week delay on this project, anyone that has work of this magnitude done, knows that many things can happen along the way to cause delays. While we were all enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner with friends and relatives, we had contractors here on site working hard to keep us on schedule! That is the type of dedication we have received.

    As for a penalty clause in the contract, In my opinion that seems to be a negative way to develop a working relationship with a firm. Instead we chose to enter into a cost sharing relationship with Garrett Construction and feel this is a much more constructive way to forge lasting business relationships, based on mutual respect.

    As President of the Spring Run Board,I try to look at all sides of any issue and try to respond accordingly. When I was elected to the Board I pledged that I would work hard on the communities behalf and try to do what was best for the long term viability of this wonderful community. For the vast majority of you that have been supportive throughout this project, Thank You.

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