Clubhouse Opening Update

Dear Member,

As we prepare to move the offices into their new home Thursday morning, I wanted to give you a quick update on where we are with the project, and also address a recent rumor: there is no hang up or delay in occupying the building now. All of our inspections have been passed except for the final electric for the cart barn, which can’t be done until we move the charging systems out from under the tent and into their new home. We have a temporary CO until that inspection takes place. And to address that rumor…Bonita Springs Utilities required us to jump through a number of hoops to get our sewer turned on, but we resolved all those issues last week, and the water and sewer have been flowing since last week.

Here is a quick list of final work in the next couple days:

  • Offices and Pro Shop movingThursday morning. Phones and Network systems being cut over all day. Make tee time requests online or over the phone with Chelsea.
  • Club Room getting cleaned up and back to regular use by the weekend
  • Start moving golf bags out of mobile storage and into the new Bag Room Thursday
  • Remaining windows installed Thursday, railings and roof screens Thursday, and finish painting on the outside done by Friday
  • Finish carpentry should be completed by Friday
  • Remaining interior decoration Sunday and Monday.

Ready for NYE!

The rest of the building is being painted the same as the new portion, hopefully starting next week.

IF you have any comments or questions, please reply. Happy New Year!




6 thoughts on “Clubhouse Opening Update

  1. Christine Hamilton

    I have been in Spring Run all summer and have witnessed the progression of the clubhouse project. The dedication of the staff, the contractors and our two local “heroes” Jack Chadwick and Luke Cunningham (who kept everyone on their toes), is unsurpassed. The end result is beautiful and worth the temporary inconvenience. With results like these, you could take a dollar a day from us forever!!

  2. Congratulations, Mike and all of those involved including Jack and Luke. We are so proud to be part of Spring Run and this wonderful new addition.. It is beautiufl from what has been seen,and all the hard work and delays will bre worth it!

  3. Congratulations! We have followed the renovation through your newsletters and Springing Forward. We can’t wait to get back to Spring Run and see the updates for ourselves! The Board can be proud of their decision to moive forward with the renovation project! The golf course is next!!!
    Don and Ann Kalmey

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