Fitness Room

Dear Member,
While the fitness room is usable, it is far from finished. There are other pieces we are waiting for to be delivered, the main one being a functional trainer that will allow for a multitude of strength and sports training exercises for all ages. We are getting a second bench, along with a new set of dumb bells. The set currently in the room are loaners from our equipment company and will go once they are finally delivered. We just installed some of the mirrors, but have more coming. And we are compiling a list of pieces that members have suggested so that we can provide the equipment our members are looking for.
As you may have heard, we have been planning to provide a bar code scanner on the wall at the new entry so that you can access the fitness room after club hours. It took awhile to find the correct scanner that worked best with our membership cards and the accounting system, but we think we have it working. Now we will get it installed this upcoming week, and you will be able to swipe your member card under the reader and the locked door will pop open. The only access will be to the fitness room and restrooms after hours.
We hope you are enjoying the use of the room, even though we opened it a little early. Thanks for your patience while we get it all put together for you!



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