Monthly Statements

Dear Member,

You may have had questions following this most recent bill, and I thought I should take this opportunity to explain what happened.

First, you may know that we implemented a new accounting software in September, and until December, the statements did not have this level of detail. In fact, they had no detail, save entries like “Golf Shop”, “Dining Room” etc., making it hard to know what each purchase was. We had been working on configuring the sales items to show detail, and when we ran them January 31st…oh boy did we get DETAIL! More detail than you could swing a golf club at. Unfortunately, by selecting “more detail” when running statements, it gave us every tournament and charge broken down in separate line items. Following a very productive session with our software provider, we have fixed this problem. While you will see the detail you need to see, you will not see things that are internal. For instance, those who attended Trivia Night did not see “Trivia Night $18.95” They saw the $18.95 broken down into various revenue line items…most of it to Food Sales, but some goes to offset the cost of the game, and members saw that on their statement. That said, this will not happen again.

It is very important that you realize also, that we DO NOT charge for ice. Again, this charge is INTERNAL only, and it is the way that the drink sale button is set up. You unfortunately saw an internal line item. This fee is for a Rocks drink as opposed to a well drink with water or soda. More liquor goes into the rocks drink, and therefore, a higher charge.

Keep in mind that you can go online from the website and see all your charges and the actual chits. If something does not look right, please bring it to our attention right away. We feel very good about this system and its capabilities going forward, and hope it will provide you with detail that can answer your questions quickly.

Hope you are having a great Season!



One thought on “Monthly Statements

  1. Nancy Taylor

    Thank you for your explanation. Software changes are always a trial and error for a few months…Glad to know we have most of the billing bugs under control:)

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