Update on the Golf Course Renovation plans

Dear Member,

There has been a lull recently in information being transmitted to the membership on the renovation, and vice versa. The reason is that we have no new information to convey. We are anxiously awaiting the pre-construction documents, which will give us hard costs on the plans we have specified so far, and we anticipate having those within the next few days. Once we have received those documents we will schedule a Town Hall meeting to review the costs.  While there are a few owners who are pressing for particular changes, everybody is interested in the costs.  For this reason, our emphasis at this point is to focus on receiving , analyzing, and presenting the overall costs of the entire project so that we can have meaningful conversations about it. Certainly, there will be further input from members on what they want, or do not want, to see with the actual layout.  There will be time for that soon. In order to get these numbers, we had to stop accepting new feedback for the moment. Once the pricing comes in, we can start a new set of comments and changes that may impact the price. But we need to maintain some order so we can get solid information out to the entire community quickly.

 There have been comments that we have not shared the new designs with the changes requested by some owners. Again, we have not shared them because they are not yet available for us to share.

We ask for your continued patience, and your concerns will be addressed. Look for a date for the Town Hall meeting to be published soon. Unfortunately, Easter occurs early this year, which will affect some owner’s ability to attend in person, but that is an issue that is out of our control.  However, the meeting will be streamed over the internet to view and listen to the discussions.

Also, please remember that the Greens Committee is made up of volunteer owners, who spend hours doing a thankless job, but know that their work is important. They are completing a task mandated by the Board and Strategic Plan. They were compelled to do the research, develop a plan, and present the plan and costs to the Board, who will be making the decisions. I encourage any owner to volunteer for a Committee and help us make the best decisions we can for our Community.  Thank you to the many residents who have expressed their appreciation of our efforts.



One thought on “Update on the Golf Course Renovation plans

  1. Judy Officer

    Thank you, Mike, for the update and all your efforts.  I know it must be a frustrating and sometimes thankless job for you and your staff.  There are lots of quiet folks like me that are saying, thank you.   Judy Officer (a non-golfer!)

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