Mike Frattarelli’s daughter

Our Assistant Pro, Mike Frattarelli, and his wife Rachel, have just received some terrible news. Their youngest daughter Stella has Stage 4 Granular Cell Neuroblastoma, and her prognosis is not good.  They are starting chemotherapy right away, but she will be able to come home for awhile before going back to the hospital for further treatment. Thankfully, the cancer is not in the brain.

Mike would like to return to work but there is concern that members will ask about Stella and cause him to become upset. We ask that if Mike comes back next week, please treat him as you always have, and try not to get emotional with him right now. He wants to stay strong during this very difficult time.

Thank you,



4 thoughts on “Mike Frattarelli’s daughter

  1. Jessie LOVATT

    That is indeed sad news, but there is always hope. Many will be praying for Mike’s daughter and the family. There is power in prayer. Please let Mike know. Thank you Jessie

    Sent from Jessie Lovatt

    from my iPad

  2. Bob and Judy Lee

    Our thoughts and prayers are also with Mike, Rachel and their children.

    God bless Stella and help her recover!

    Bob and Judy Lee

  3. Signe Winters

    We are so sorry to hear that Rachel & Mike are faced with such a heart-breaking situation and that dear little Stella is suffering from this terrible disease. The whole family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    With great fondness,
    Sigi & Peter Winters

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