Update on Stella Frattarelli

Great news! After months of intensive chemotherapy designed to shrink little Stella’s tumor, it appears to have worked. Doctors found that the procedure had caused a 50% decrease in the size of the tumor, allowing them to safely remove it this past Wednesday morning. Several other spots of concern were also safely removed at the same time. Unfortunately, this is not the end of her journey. Once she recuperates, it is back to a fifth round of chemo in preparation for a bone marrow transplant. However, the removal of this tumor has significantly increased the chances for a successful bone marrow transplant, which is the most important procedure involved in her treatment. Despite such an ordeal, she remains upbeat and an inspiration to all. Mike Frattarelli and his wife Rachel thank you for all of your kind thoughts, prayers, and generosity.


6 thoughts on “Update on Stella Frattarelli

  1. Mo Winograd

    That is simply fabulous news. ANything that increases Stella’s odds is a plus. ANd thank you for keeping us updated. We all hope and pray that this good news keeps coming.

  2. Bob & Valerie Esti

    The power of prayer continues to amaze me. Thank God for the courage of Stella and her family. Let us all continue to have good thoughts and prayers for Stella. Thank you for the information…God Bless you all.

  3. Bob and Jane Alter

    What a courageous young lady, Stella is. We are thrilled to hear this positive news, and our prayers continue for this very special caring family.
    Jane and Bob

  4. Mary T.

    Such good news! Such very good news! We send positive thoughts that her transplant and recovery go well. Chick and Mary Tousignant

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