Safety and Security

Dear Owner,

In early June, we experienced a few minor incidents of attempted entry into some units in Streamside and Sunset Stream. Thankfully, the owners noticed signs of an attempt to gain access to their unit, usually around the screen door, and called police. These incidents have been logged and investigated. While there have been no further incidents reported, we suggest that the snowbirds contact your home watch service or a trusty neighbor to check both front and back for any signs that someone attempted entry. Hopefully, these were very isolated incidents, but in the event that some have gone unreported, it would be better to take care of things now instead of when you return.



3 thoughts on “Safety and Security

  1. Stephen M Cronin

    It is about time we had 24 hour security at the gate. It will not stop all intrusion but may make some perpetrators think a bit, especially if they are kids. $5 per month per door generates almost $51,000 per year which should more than cover the cost including benefits. Hire part timers so no Obamacare.

    Stephen M Cronin

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