6 thoughts on “American Girl visits Stella Frattarelli

  1. Mo Winograd

    Saw it last night, thanks to the alert from Chris Hamilton. What a brave little girl Stella is and so busy keeping everyone else’s spirits up. She is certainly surrounded by love and constant care. It was a heartwarming piece and so terrific that Stella can be at home now. Kelly Burns did such a great piece covering this sad story.

  2. Bob Robertson

    Stella, want you to know that you have a lot of Adopted Grand Parents here at
    Spring Run keeping you and your parents in our prayers.

  3. Bob and Jane Alter

    What an inspiring story–Stella does indeed make us all count our blessings and to make us reflect on our purpose in life. She is one very special little girl.
    Thanks so much for sharing this news.
    Jane Alter

  4. maureen ireland

    This is an incredible story..as Stella and her family are incredible people to share this with us. Many prayers and healthy thoughts being passed your way Mike and family..see you soon
    Maureen Ireland

  5. Bob & Valerie Esti

    Just saw the three bravest and God loving people in my 76 years…Little Stella, Mike and Rachel. I am sure the rest of the family is as brave and loving. Stella is a gift to all of us and I want to thank Mike and Rachel for their gift to our community. God Bless you all and our prayers are with you daily.

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