Did You Know… …these facts about the Spring Run Pro Shop?

Next time you are in the market for golf related equipment or outfitting, please consider shopping at Spring Run before you make your purchase elsewhere.

Why? Here are some reasons….

  • We will attempt to match any competitor’s prices on equipment. Just ask!
  • If we don’t have your size or the specific model you like, we will order it for you at the same price as we what we would if it was in stock.
  • You can’t get a Spring Run logoed shirt at other retail shops. Wear your Spring Run logo proudly!
  • You own a piece of the Pro Shop! It is not owned by anyone but the membership, and the membership is the only beneficiary.
    • The Pro Shop is an amenity for the owners and is not a big profit maker for the Club.
    • We structure the Shop to make a slightly positive net income by year end. It is designed to cover the cost of merchandise, display and promotion, and merchandiser payroll so that it is not subsidized by the annual assessment.
    • Our pricing structure is cost plus 25%. That said, often many items are sold at or below cost in order to move them out of inventory.
    • The fact is we don’t have the purchasing power of the larger retail outlets, so we don’t get the same pricing discounts they get. Our level of sales means we also can’t stock the inventory with every possible item for sale. Therefore, ordering items for you as you need them allows us to have less money tied up in inventory, and keeping more money in our Member’s pockets!
    • You are being serviced by your employees who genuinely care about you, and providing you with a positive buying Experience.

So, in summary…the Spring Run Pro Shop is an amenity for its Members. It should meet your needs and at the same time, provide a decent value. And it should also pay for itself to operate. That is what we strive to do every day. Please stop in soon to see some of the attractive and nicely priced new merchandise that has just come in. We look forward to serving you!



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