Golf Course Renovation Update

Dear Spring Run Members,

The votes for the golf course renovation have been tallied, and 82% have voted in favor of completing the renovation project. The Neighborhood Representatives announced these results at the Board Meeting this past Thursday, followed by a unanimous vote of the Board to accept the vote and move forward with the project.

Over the next few weeks, we will select a contractor and sign contracts to begin the process, but not a whole lot more will happen until mid-March. At that time, Golf Maintenance will begin to spray out the course. Expect the speed of the greens to increase as the green leaf blades begin to disappear.  On April 5, we will close one 9, and the tentative plan is to keep the other 9 open for a week or two for play. That decision has not yet been finalized but we will keep you informed in future communications.

Several weeks ago, we sent out a thank you email to the GM’s and Golf Pros of al our Reciprocal Clubs, thanking them for allowing our members to use their course, and vice versa. We informed them that we were considering a course renovation next summer, and that if it passes, we would not be able to provide them a course next year. However, we will have a need to again utilize their facilities next summer, and reminded them that we will reciprocate when their time comes to renovate. We also encouraged them to provide us with a lower than normal reciprocal rate. Mr. Begansky will also be sending a letter to all the Boards of area Clubs to request the same. This is a process we will work diligently at over the next few months. But please remember that must abide by the decisions each Club makes, and that does not guarantee that we will get all favorable responses.

The Pro Shop staff will stay intact through the summer, handling daily tee time requests at other clubs, and coordinating the transportation of bags to and from your vehicles. Most of the outside attendants get laid off through the summer, so many will not be affected. The same can be said for service staff and cooks in the summer. But very few, if any, hourly staff will remain on this summer. The plan is to have the salaried staff working to cook and serve food and drinks in the Dining Room. Hours of operation and format have yet to be determined, but they will be based on the needs of the members using the club during the project. We will likely bring service staff back in October for that busy month and to be ready for season.

Maintenance of the clubhouse is an ongoing task. Accumulation of dust, dirt, trash throughout the common area, and the weathering of surfaces, and the failure of equipment doesn’t stop because the course is closed.  And administration continues on with little disruption as it deals with member needs, accounting functions, human resources, communication, and tech issues. Golf Course Maintenance will however be halted for several months as the course is torn up, shaped, and replanted. Once the replanting is completed by the middle of July, we will bring all the Golf Maintenance staff back to grow the course in. We anticipate reopening the course by November 1st 2014.

If you have comments or concerns, feel free to reply back so that we are aware of them. If there is a particular subject you would like addressed in a future article please let me know.




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