Golf Course renovation updates

Dear Spring Run Member,

Here is an update on what on what is happening and what you can expect over the course of the next few months as we approach the renovation in April.

First, all contracts have now been signed so that all parts can be ordered and delivered on time, and our work can be scheduled in priority to any other club’s construction this summer. This is crucial so that we are not delayed, causing a delay in the reopening in the fall. We have ordered all sprinkler heads and components, eliminating the middleman, saving $40,000. They are safely stored at the warehouse of the installer in Lakeland, insured at no additional charge through our insurance company.

Over the next couple weeks, the Green Committee will review every detail of the renovation hole by hole, as it is laid out on the construction documents, making necessary adjustments to ensure what the Architect has designed contains all the alterations we expect.

Now for the scheduling that will affect the membership:

  • The Golf Course Maintenance staff will begin to apply Roundup to the entire course on Tuesday, March 4th
  • Three more applications will occur on the following dates: Friday, March 7 front 9, Friday, March 14 back 9, and Monday, March, 17 front 9.
  • On April 5th, the back 9 will be closed so that work may begin on the irrigation system. We are still determining whether or not we will be closing the entire course on that date. I expect this will be discussed at the Board Meeting on the 23rd.
  • If we keep part of the course open through Easter, we will keep the Practice Facility open as well. If we close the entire course April 5, we will still reopen the Range in August. At that time, construction will be finished, and the grass will be growing in. Only half of the range is being regrassed, so half will be playable. The practice green is being renovated, so it will not be available until Nov 1.
  • We anticipate the entire course will reopen Nov 1

So….what can you expect this winter?

First, the course conditions by mid-March will not be ideal. When Roundup is applied March 4th, you will begin to see declining conditions over the following few weeks. All major Association Member Guests have been scheduled early in March so that we can take advantage of the best conditions possible prior to the decline. Once the course begins to die, it will brown out and will become very fast. Although playable, it will be less than ideal. A word to you on your renters and guests. Please let them know what to expect. If you lease your unit, and do not tell them what is happening, they will be very upset, and take it out on  our Pro Shop and Club staff.

Round up is a widely accepted and safe application used to kill plant life. Most people use it to control weeds around the home. The active ingredient is glyphosate, a chemical that inhibits an enzyme which the grass needs to grow. It is not harmful to humans, but it is recommended that anyone with respiratory issues stay indoors or away from the course during the application. Once the chemical is applied, it is absorbed into the plant, and the residual is washed away with the daily irrigation application.

Please know that we are currently sending letters to each reciprocal Club’s Boards to request early reciprocals starting April 5th. We are encouraging them to offer our members a good rate even though their members will still be in town, playing their own course at that time. A followup email from me to the Club’s GM will remind them to get this issue put on their Board’s agenda ASAP so we have answers for our membership by March. I would not expect any Club to provide us any tee times in March. May is the traditional start of reciprocals, and April accommodations at these Clubs will be quite an accomplishment considering Easter is late this year. The good news is that we have preliminary approval from Copperleaf, Olde Hickory, and Imperial, as well as the Clubs we have gotten in-season approvals from currently. Many Clubs have already gone through what we are soon to experience, and thankfully, even more plan these renovations for their Clubs in the future, so we anticipate they will afford us tee times knowing they will be needing the same consideration sometime soon. There will be decent golfing opportunities in April, but at this time, I do not have all the options that we anticipate eventually having.

If you have further questions, please reply back so that I can respond. Thank you.

Click here to read more about Roundup® 


5 thoughts on “Golf Course renovation updates


    I do have a renter in March and will advise them accordingly.
    Will the Pro Shop assist them with tee times at the reciprocal courses?

    Can you confirm?


    Mark A. Callahan
    Director of IT
    [Description: cid:image002.gif@01CB79BF.EFF534D0]
    Phone: 609-895-7410
    Fax: 609-895-6918
    Mobile: 609-610-5040
    Skype: mcallahan2905

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mr. Callahan,
      Yes, the Pro Shop will be assisting all members with reciprocal tee times. In fact, that is the only way to be able to play another course. All these clubs are private, and no public or private players are allowed to contact these Pro Shops to get a tee time ever. The only way this happens is between Golf Pros, and the reciprocal agreements and effective dates are strict. We are fortunate to have gotten permission for March and April play from several clubs, and we will do all we can to take care of our members needs.

      I hope you did not think I forgot about you. I thought I had replied to your question previously, but for some reason, it may not have posted. If you have other questions, please reply back.

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mr. Dyer,
      Our Pro Shop staff has gathered a list of courses that will be available for play in March for our membership. Please call the Pro Shop at (239) 949-0707 to secure a tee time elsewhere. You may store your bag with us, and we will bring it to your car when you go play another club, and then bring it back afterward to store it again. The purpose of the Golf Operations staff is to assist the membership.
      We also have a list of around 20 other clubs who will make their private courses available to us in April, even though they will be extremely busy with their members too. Thankfully, we (General Managers and Pros) all work together to help each other out in times of need, and most of these clubs will be experiencing the exact same thing that our membership will go through now in the next couple years. If you have additional questions, feel free to reply here or call or email me at

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