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Dear Spring Run Member,

Overheard recently around the Club…

“I have lots of Shop credits, but there is nothing to buy in there”, and “Spring Run is too cheap to hire a merchandiser to fix the problem”.

The first comment was anticipated, and has been overheard by other members over the past month or so. Last fall, we felt that taking a simplified approach to the merchandise was the best way to go, focusing on moderately priced logo wear that is exclusive to Spring Run. Evidently, this is not working for everyone, but it does help reduce the problem of leftover unsold inventory from the past couple years that is too expensive for many member’s tastes. Remember, if we couldn’t sell it all at cost (that is what we actually paid for it…NO markup), then we will likely never sell it. The only alternative is to sell it below cost, or write it off. Either way, that loss is reflected in the annual assessment. As far as the Shop credit goes this year, we have said you may use it up in special orders if you can’t find anything you like here

The last comment, though, is puzzling. If we are without a merchandiser right now, and know we are going to do a golf course renovation with no golf until Nov 2014, why would we waste the member’s money by hiring someone now? If that is “too cheap”, well….let’s just say that we try to provide the best value to the membership for the money you pay, and it would be irresponsible to spend it on hiring someone who will be sitting around for the next 7 months doing little to nothing.

I recently ran a blog on the Pro Shop merchandising program, and have included it again as a reminder. Check out the article below in case you missed it.

Did You Know… …these facts about the Spring Run Pro Shop?


6 thoughts on “Pro Shop Merchandising

  1. Peter Cree

    Excellent assessment and explanation of the business model, rational for the Pro Shop merchandising. The solution to “can’t find anything to buy in there” by “special order” is a good business practice. Please continue this.
    Spending $xx,000 a year for a “merchandiser” is not a needed expense for the membership. The folks in the Pro Shop do an excellent job of servicing the memberships needs.
    Thank you for not letting the tail wag the dog.

  2. Suzanne Mura

    I was told by Joe that we could hold onto our proshop credits until this Fall, when the shop will be restocked. That is fine with me, it makes no sense at all to purchase new merchandise at this point with the course closing in a few weeks. And the option to browse through the golf catalogs and order from them should be a satisfactory option for those wishing to spend their credits now.

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mrs. Mura,
      The confusion about the Pro Shop credits may have had to do with the announcement Joe Allinder made at the Ladies 18 hole Member Guest event. He mentioned that the Gift Cards that were given to the Guests would be valid for a year, but that the credits put into the Credit Book for the Member would expire as usual in April. I think the distinction was due to Guests not able to get here to use the credits, while the Members are here all the time.

      I hope that cleared things up!

  3. Signe Winters

    I am totally on board with this philosophy and appreciate that you’re keeping a close eye on the bottom line. I also like that you’re prepared to address negative comments directly with rational explanations. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hal Mendlowitz

    I do not think the price range of the merchandise was to high for women. It may have been on the high side for men. Perhaps the quantities were to extensive. The minimums that owners must spend in the dining room may be better spent in the proshop at full markup. Is that possible?

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