Golf Course Closure Date

Dear Spring Run Member,

At the last Board Meeting, the Greens Committee, based on a strong recommendation from the Architect, recommended that we move up the closure date of the course from April 5th to March 31st, making Sunday March 30th the last day of golf at Spring Run until November. After discussion, the Board approved this measure. Thankfully, Joe Allinder was able to get most of the Clubs who had offered us early reciprocals to move up to April 1 from April 5, but no one was able to accommodate March 31st. Therefore, only the current list of Clubs providing March golf will be available on that Sunday.

Please understand that every additional day is crucial in perfecting the final product and having it ready on time. I feel confident that you will be very pleased with the outcome of this project for many, many years to come.

On related note, there are lines that have been painted near tee boxes and along roughs near landscaped beds. This has led to speculation as what they are for. Some have wondered if the lines indicate that we are shortening the course. This is not the case at all. The lines have been painted to ensure that anyone operating spray equipment has a visual marking to keep them from spraying into adjacent beds. The lines are good!

Also, due to the wind this morning, we have moved today’s spraying of the front 9 to Monday morning March 10 at 5 AM.

As always, if you have questions, please reply back.



3 thoughts on “Golf Course Closure Date

  1. Stephen Cronin

    Saturday is not March 30th. It is March 29th. Since we don’t even know the clubs participating in reciprocals, if any, could we at least have clarification on the final date we are able to play our own course.

    1. Mike Zigler

      We will have that list posted on the website this morning, and it will also be in today’s Club Connector. The list has the rates for each course and the dates each is available. Joe is still waiting to get information from 2 more clubs before publishing it.

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