Important information about the upcoming vote.

Dear Spring Run Member,

The vote on whether Spring Run will enter into a bulked contract for TV and high speed internet will take place Monday morning, April 14, 2014. The ballot will be emailed to you from and will say “Spring Run Ballot” in the subject line. The deadline for return of the ballot is Thursday May 1, 2014 at 5 PM. If you need a paper ballot, please contact the office and we will get you one.

Here are some things to keep in mind

  • The project is not about just TV service, although that should improve as well. It is about providing better technology that will take us into the future.
  • It will keep us competitive in the real estate market with the newer communities that install fiber when they are built.
  • We are taking advantage of the cost of research done by a prominent area club community who determined that out 26 companies, Summit was the best provider for bulk TV.
  • The deal offered by Summit requires 100% participation from all members. If you would like to keep Direct TV, Dish, or Centurylink, you may, but that becomes a expense on top of the bulk deal. If the community votes in favor, it is not known if Comcast will keep or remove their equipment from Spring Run, so we cannot say you can definitely keep that service.
  • If you opt to keep your current provider, I recommend that you still install the fiber into your home because it will be done at no cost during the install, and it will significantly improve your access to the internet.
  • Each home gets one fiber strand dedicated to your service. Slow internet speeds are caused primarily due to the low bandwidth of coaxial cable in general, but specifically the strain on bandwidth when everyone is sharing it.
  • Some members have expressed concerns about the length of the contract and its content. There are specific performance standards included, and remedies specified for ensuring member satisfaction. If all remedies fail, there is an exit strategy for us to get out of the contract. The contract is in my office if you wish to stop by to review it.
  • The committee working on this project unanimously endorses Summit as the provider.
  • If the vote is positive, the Board will make a decision as to how to proceed. If the vote is less than 50% in favor, it will not move forward.

If you have any questions, please reply back.


4 thoughts on “Important information about the upcoming vote.

  1. Stephen Cronin

    Is there a plan to charge new owners(those purchasing after the initial installation) a connection fee to hook up to Summit.

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mr. Cronin,
      If the vote is positive and this project moves forward, it would be advisable for everyone to take advantage of the installation into the home at no cost with a whole home evaluation of existing wiring. This allows access to the maximum internet speeds. If this is not done, the service would terminate at the building and and a new owner who wanted fiber into the home would have to pay for that installation.

  2. Dennis Davis

    Between work and travel, I have not been able to learn much about this issue except from a few posts like this. I have not seen anything about the cost of this. Can you help out ?

    Dennis Davis 30553

    Sent from my iPad

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