Golf Course Update

Dear Spring Run Member,

I know it has been awhile since we have communicated the progress on the course, and I would like to catch you up on all that has transpired to
date. Every time I sat down to write an update, the sheer scope of all
that was happening simultaneously made it difficult to communicate it
effectively. Now that we are getting ready to grass holes 4 through 8, I
feel this as a good time to catch you up.

We are ready to grass!
Holes 4-8 have been “final graded” and will be sprigged next week. 419
Bermuda grass can be either sodded or sprigged, but is never seeded. To
sprig, a special vehicle with a conveyor belt on the back continuously
arranges and distributes long stands of grass with roots that are then
systematically cut into the soil. After the irrigation is turned on and
fertilizer is applied, it will begin to take root and grow within the
week, and can be mowed within 3 weeks. Sod will be applied around the
collars of the traps, greens, and tee boxes. Concrete cart paths have
been poured on all but #5 as that is an access road for heavy equipment
at the moment.

Next up…holes 3, 2, and 1
The schedule now moves to 3, 2, and 1 for final grading. Once irrigation
is installed, concrete cart paths will be poured. Within two weeks,
those holes will be grassed as well. The next set of holes are the
Practice facility and #9, with irrigation installation beginning Monday.

Once the front 9 is complete, the schedule moves to #18 for rough
shaping, and then 17, 16, and 15. The green on 18 is being built as I
write this, with drainage and irrigation being installed, followed by
stone and greens mix. #14 is getting prepped for rough shaping once the
others are complete. At the moment, 13, 12, 11, and 10 are relatively
undisturbed but activity will begin once the bulldozers are freed up.

I know there have been concerns about bunker and mound elevations on a
number of holes. Architect John Sanford reviewed the shape on most if
not all traps and made adjustments. The elevation changes on hole number
eight has been completed. The elevation changes on hole #3 and #5 are
not done yet but will be when the proper equipment is back on those
holes. We ask that you be patient as we continue to make these
adjustments, and if there are concerns, please contact me so that I can
make sure they are addressed by the Architect and the contractor.

We are moving along on schedule and are very excited to begin growing in
the golf course!

Mike Zigler
General Manager


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