Golf Course Renovation progress


Dear Spring Run Member,

The progress on the course continues, as holes 4-8 are now sprigged and sodded, with the exception of greens #4 and #8. The Architect required some final adjustments to the contouring to improve drainage, but these should be sprigged in the morning. Landscaping is now being installed along #4 tees and fairway. Sprigging and sodding has continued along #3 as well, with only some minor elevation changes to some mounds behind homes remaining. Heading to #2, we see a green ready for grassing, but a fairway and approach just undergoing final grading. Same thing goes for #1 and the Practice Range. All concrete cart paths have been poured on the front nine now, and work is starting to progress on the back nine.

After completing some drainage work across the fairway on #18, irrigation was installed, the contractor is preparing  for a final grade. A path has been plowed between 18 and 17, but due to heavy work on those holes, I was unable to move between the two in order to see what had been done on #18 tee and #17 green. From there, 16 through 10 are in various states of rough grading, and remember that #10 will be finished last.

At this point, we are approximately 60% complete with one month to go before all grass should be installed. While the back 9 still resembles a war zone, rest assured that the pace of the work is now picking up speed with the basics completed. We anticipate a timely final grassing so that we can have a full 90 days for grow in before we open up on November 1.

 If you have any comments or questions, please reply back.

 Have a wonderful summer.




2 thoughts on “Golf Course Renovation progress

  1. Carol Heffernan

    It’s been three weeks since the last blog. There see to be many deadlines that have passed and much doesn’t seem to be finished with just two weeks to go. What is the current status of the course?

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