Things are looking great !

Dear Members,

Everyone wants to know if the course is going to open on time. I know you are all making plans based on the answer, but this thing is now in Mother Nature’s hands, and sometimes she can be in a bad mood! Don’t get me wrong. Our plan is still to open on Nov 1. We have sprigged heavier on the back 9 now, with holes #13-#18 all sodded and sprigged, and greens #10-#12 being sprigged this weekend.  And Gregg is keeping them nourished with bursts of water and fertilizer. But there is still the specter of a late summer storm that could have adverse affects on the opening date. All that said, things look great! The front 9 is greening up, and the back 9 is on its way. As long as we stay on track, we will finish strong next week. I realize that my last communiqué said Aug 11, but after we got behind in a couple areas, it went to August 14. Not a big issue. Once the grass is in, it is 2.5 months of waiting…..

See you Nov 1!



3 thoughts on “Things are looking great !

  1. Joseph Martin

    thanks, MIke. Running a golf course, A ski resort or a farm means praying for the right weather. Buena suerta. Joe Martin

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  2. Vince Horvath

    This is great news. Thank you Mike, Gregg, and the team for keeping the project on track while addressing some long-term drainage issues.

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