Pitfalls and Progress! 

I took a drive around the course on a utility cart today to see how the deluge of rain from yesterday’s thunderstorms affected us. Sure enough, everywhere I went I saw the tell tale signs of relentless rain on sandy turf..deep gullies of washed out soil and crushed shell, often preceded by patches of undermined sod, like deflated mini-moguls. Two days worth of work for several staff to repair the damage from each rainfall. It is constant maintenance in the rainy season. Thankfully, once the turf is established and the roots penetrate into the soil, we will eliminate a large amount of the erosion that is occurring now. That said, the soft paths and waste bunkers will continue to rut out like the regular fairway and greenside bunkers do now following any significant rain event.

Amidst the devastation to the perimeter areas of the course, a beautiful sight came into view. The fairway on #7 was being core aerified and top-dressed…a sure sign of progress! This newly planted course is now lush enough in many areas to handle an aerification that bores hundreds of thousands of 5/8” inch holes into each fairway, followed by a hopper full of top-dressing being spread across the freshly cored turf. Once dragged and redistributed, the fairways will begin to smooth out… they are anything but that now….until we can produce the ideal conditions that you have been used to experiencing at Spring Run.  And from a cultivation standpoint, this aerification helps to bring about a huge growth spurt, not only in the leaf blades, but also in the root zone as air can get to them, strengthening the entire stand of grass. Certainly the back 9 has a way to go, but judging from the progress underway on the front 9, a lot of growth can occur in two months. 

On a related note, the golf course should still open on time barring unforeseen circumstances. We are watching the progress of the turf on #9 and will make some decisions on opening the range earlier once the finish paver work is complete. When we decide when we can reopen it, we will let you know immediately. In addition, many members have indicated their desire to get out on the course for a tour. Currently, we have scheduled Thurs Oct 30th and Fri 31st as course tour days in preparation for Opening Day. However, we have secured some 8 passenger carts for October, and hope to do some tours ahead of those dates…just not too soon due to the condition of some of the holes right now.

Thank you for your patience!  Let me know if you have questions.




3 thoughts on “Pitfalls and Progress! 

  1. Joseph Martin

    Thank you for the update, Mike. It is going to take at least a full season for all of the grass to grow in properly. Nature has its own timetable and won’t be hurried. I said before and say again, my compliments to all involved for bringing so complex a project in on time and at budget. Given the vagaries of Florida’s summer weather, this is an accomplishment worth noting. And our community is much enhanced by all of your efforts. Joe & Mary Martin Sandycreek Dr.

  2. Jeanne Rogers

    Thanks, Mike. Is there a plan to paint, in and out, add landscaping and re-do the interiors of the two restrooms on the course? They are in bad need of updating and it would be nice to have them done for the new course.

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