Golf Course Update

Dear Member,

Now that we are a month away from opening the course, we are trying to determine if our originally planned target date of Saturday Nov 1 is viable. After speaking with the superintendent, the Green Chairman, and various members of the Board, we are in a holding pattern on Nov 1, and would like to give the weather a chance to improve and allow us to apply sufficient fertilizer to maximize growth. It has just been so wet we cannot keep the fertilizer from washing away. To that end, we will revisit  this issue in two weeks to see if that date will stand. We do expect to have at least some play available by then, with perhaps the back 9 being cart paths only for a few weeks. I believe we will still be able to offer the cart tours that were originally planned for Oct 30 & 31, and if we can schedule some sooner, we will let you know. And look for the practice range to reopen Saturday morning. MATS ONLY, please. And we are not opening the chipping or putting greens yet.

Regardless, we have been in contact with seven other reciprocal clubs to extend reciprocals into November for our members to play in case conditions are limited at Spring Run.

Once open, it will be more imperative than ever to take care of the course by fixing ball marks and filling divots with sand. The course is brand new and the root system is just getting established, and it will need all the help it can get through its first season.

I will provide updates to you as they are available. Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Golf Course Update

  1. Chuck Staro

    Mike: Everyone appreciates the updates on the course renovation and I am sure that most, although not everyone can appreciate the work that went into virtually building a new course. The project while ambitious was still subject to the vagaries of our Florida weather. I was here for most of the summer and witnessed first hand what our everyday downpours would do to newly planted grass sprigs. The result is evident, we are a bit behind schedule. So be it. If it takes a few more weeks of waiting to open the entire course on what is determined to be a “playable surface” then let’s wait. Opening it prematurely will only cause more damage to the surface and result in expending additional dollars and perhaps even closing the course in the spring for repairs. If my memory serves me correctly I believe The Legends course and perhaps Old Hickory had to go through subsequent closings to repair damage after an early opening. Not a good move. If some are unhappy with the way it looks now and we cannot open by November 1st let them be unhappy once. If it has to be closed again for repairs it will only foster a second round of unhappiness. The golf course is SR’s biggest asset. A multi-million dollar invest should be treated right from the start. My thoughts.

  2. Robert lee

    I agree with the previous postings regarding the opening of the course on November 1. We should not open if it is not ready. A two or three week delay would not be unreasonable, to ensure a playable course.

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