9 Hole Policy

Dear Spring Run member,

I resume my blogging with a doozey: the dreaded policy on 9 hole Play. If this doesn’t get blog readership and response, nothing will!

In 2005, the Golf Committee recommended and approved a policy for 9 hole play that read: “ Friday, Sat, Sun, and Mon, all 9 hole play will be scheduled from 8:30 AM – 9:15 AM on the back 9, or from 2:30 PM  from the first tee. Players at these times would only receive ½ point on the Chelsea system and pay a 9 hole rate.”

This policy has been in effect ever since, and the only changes made to it were to allow play to start earlier on the back 9s and to move up the times from 2:30 to 2 PM.

Of course, no one knew it! Until we posted the policy on the Chelsea web page. In an effort to communicate better.

The Board has the authority to regulate tee times so as to maximize usage of the course and allow as many members to play as possible. However, based on the recent concerns that have been voiced, a subcommittee from the golf committee has been set up to look into issues relating to the policy. Once they have completed their research, they will make a recommendation to the golf committee, and ultimately to the Board for an official vote.

Until then, the policy continues in effect, as it has been for 10 years, awaiting any amendments as may be suggested for the good of the membership.

Hope your Season is going well.



24 thoughts on “9 Hole Policy

  1. Nick Murphy

    Mike, you are right–I never heard of the policy of 1/2 point. I have friends that have played at those times (9 holes) and they were charged a full point. (Unless the “Buddy System” doesn’t show 1/2 points.

  2. Marianne McDermott

    Mike, thanks for trying to clear this up. Would you please let me know exactly when our Board of Directors voted to approved the 2005 recommendations from the Golf Committee to limit 9 hole play? I would like to read the minutes from that BOD meeting.

    Thanks, Marianne McDermott

      1. Nancy Taylor

        Actually Mike that is not the case. We made a tee time for Sunday at 3:00 for nine holes and assumed we would receive no points but that did not happen. We received a full point. Interestingly enough if “the dreaded nine hole Policy” as you refer to is,was in effect then Chelsea should have assessed all of us 1/2 point. You just can’t have it both ways. I urge the BOARD to think very carefully about this issue.. Please let me know what I am missing!

  3. Larry Burnick

    Mike. What happen to the 9 hole policy the board passed last year where people could play 9 holes AFTER 3:00 pm with no Chelsea points. Also I do not like the idea of 9 hole people being able to play 9 holes at 2 PM. You can still get 18 holes in at 2 or 2:30 PM. We need to think of the differences in revenue

    Thanks Larry Burnick

  4. Nancy Taylor

    Hi mike
    Two comments. One i was under the impression that all committee recommendations had to go to the board for approval since committees can only recommend. Can you please tell us when the Board ratified this policy?
    Second . I don’t ever recall receiving only 1/2 point for nine holes and I have been playing here since 2006. I would think the Boatd needs to discuss this again.

  5. Sharon Lovasco

    Dear Mike,

    Since I only started playing golf last year I would never have heard of this ruling before. After playing all last year I was never denied the opportunity to play when and where I wanted. So, I can’t see that it was in play last year. I don’t
    believe I see where the actual policy that the board, not the golf committee, approved this ruling. I was at the golf committee meeting on Monday and that was a important part of this puzzle. Was it located? Why do the members, who own, not have top priority, be it 9 hole or 18 hole players as we are all equal.
    Seriously, as usual around here, you take all the fun out of even trying to play
    golf. I urge you to respond to all nine hole players with a quick reversal of this ruling and allow all members to enjoy the game of golf and OUR new course.

    Sharon Lovasco

  6. Mary Tousignant

    Hello Mike-

    Since there never was a board-approved policy to restrict nine hole play, I do not understand why you have decided to allow this illegal practice to continue.
    Is revenue driving this club, or should fair play be our club’s philosophy?

    Also, who gave permission to the Pro Shop to manipulate the Chelsea system so that it reflected the Golf Committee’s restrictive and inequitable decision? Someone must have known about this practice in order to change the Chelsea system.

    Sincerely, Mary Tousignant

      1. Mary Tousignant

        Mike- When I posted a comment to your blog, no one could find a policy. I am glad it will be reviewed.

  7. Peter Perrin


    I was disappointed with your lead-in comments regarding the current Pro Shop practice with respect to 9 Hole play. I was also surprised to read you state that “the Golf Committee recommended and approved” a policy. As you well know that it is the Board’s responsibility to approve policy. Therefore, it seems that “the dreaded policy on 9 Hole play” doesn’t even exist. It is certainly overdue for a “real” policy to be created.

    The number of 9 Hole golfers at Spring Run is ever-increasing and we need to find an equitable solution. As a private club, we need to be careful with our resources while not being strictly profit-motivated. Let’s find that equitable balance.

    Peter Perrin

    1. Binnie Bragg

      Revenue is a concern related to all expenditures-income sources of the Club. Golf is only one area where revenue is evaluated. If golf fees are a concern as to lost revenues, there are more methods of improving golf revenue than restricting nine hole play. For instance, the current fee for 18 holes is $22.45 and for 9 holes the fee is $13.65. When evaluated on a cost per 9 holes, the $22.45 rates equals $11.23 per 9 holes. This difference in rates results in a loss of $4.84 for each 18 holes played. An increase of the 18 hole rate to $27.29 (equal to the 9 hole rate) would not only add revenue but would provide a more equitable fee base to all.
      A philosophical question might be…is our community of Spring Run more “golf driven” than it is community driven? Does our vision statement have greater emphasis on “bundled golf” or “community”? If there is to be a balance of golf, community, and revenue, there must surely be some resolution that brings fairness and respect to all golfers and owners in our beautiful Spring Run Club.

    2. Tom Schumann

      We have llived in Spring Run since 2002 and never heard of the policy. Since i am 83 this year, I can not play 18 holes anymore and joined the 9 holers. My wife still plays 18 holes.

  8. Christine Cunningham

    It would do everyone well to remember that 9 hole members pay the same amount every year in November as 18 hole members play. It is not equitable to give preferential golf time to any one group while excluding another group. Maybe it’s time to give members the early times and give transfer members the later afternoon times. There needs to be more discussions on this problem & compromises will have to be made for both groups.

  9. donna theisen and don theisen

    As new members,we can’t comment on the history of the “policy”. We do know that we have attended two new member orientation meetings and this was never mentioned. It seems to place a priority on revenue rather than member privileges. Since all member dues are the same, we see this move as unfair to people who can play just 9 holes . We understand the need for income , but distinguishing privileges for members paying the same amount of dues isn’t the method to increase revenues.
    Wouldn’t this policy take away prime tee times for 9 hole players 4 out of 7 days??
    We ,too, would like to attend the board meeting where this issue is on the agenda.. If that info is available, please post it.

  10. Paula Blake

    There is nothing in the Spring Run documents contract that was part of our purchase agreement in January 2013 stating bundled golf is different for any type of golf play. A “Policy” by Golf Committee and implemented by same is illegal . Until Trustees reverse practice in Chelsea all owners who prefer to play 9 holes should sign up for 18 hole play on the restricted days. This will help the “revenue” issue and you will get a discount of nearly $5 to play what is normally two rounds of golf for us

    Paula Blake

  11. Marygiaquinto

    Suggestion have a letter written by secretary (officers)so every 9 holer could sign Mary Giaquinto

    Sent from my iPhone


  12. Binnie Bragg


    RE: Restrictions to 9-Hole golf

    I am concerned that this policy which was approved in 2005 is a violation of my rights as an owner in Spring Run Golf Club.

    Our Declarations of Covenants specifically state that:
    • Sec. 3.4 Protection of Owners and Others “no use restriction shall be adopted in violation of the following provisions except as may be specifically set forth in this Declaration (either initially or by amendment) or in the initial Use Restrictions set forth on Exhibit “C”.
    • Sec. 3.4(a) identifies Equal Treatment as “similarly situated Owners shall be treated similarly; provided, the Use Restriction may vary by Neighborhood.”

    When we purchased our unit, we were given the impression that all owners were equal and that all facilities were available on an equal basis. A reading of the Covenants supported that impression.

    Our Board of Directors enhanced the provisions of the Spring Run Declarations of Covenants in 2011 when our Vision and Guiding Principles were established. That Vision set forth our intent to be “the best” bundled golf community in southwest Florida. Our Guiding Principles support our journey to being the best by our desire to not be “just a golf club”. Those Principles state our desire to “value and promote owner involvement and participation,” to “foster a culture of friendliness,” and to “conduct business in a transparent manner.”

    As owners we have voted for the special assessment improvements to the Club House and, more recently, the renovation of the golf course. Our vote in favor of these projects carried the expectation that we would have fair and equal access to usage. There was no indication otherwise as the projects were discussed…nor was there any “offset” to costs which were to be applied to owners who had restrictions to access any of the facilities or amenities.

    I would hope that the Board of Directors ensures that these inherent protections in our Declarations and Vision/Guiding Principles are applied as they determine the appropriate course of action to be implemented in providing all owners with the equality that they expect in a wonderful community such as Spring Run.

    The Spring Run reputation in the Estero-Lee County area is very high. Our vision expresses our desire to maintain that reputation and to protect it. We must do so in every decision and action taken throughout Spring Run.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my concerns.
    Binnie Bragg

  13. Helaine and Efren Olivares

    Dear Mike,

    The idea of giving 18 hole golfers preferential tee times and 9 hole golfers restricted access to tee times is totally discriminatory and unfair. We all pay the same amount of dues which includes use of the golf course and in fact, the 9 holers acually pay more proportionally to play 9 holes than what the 18 holers
    pay to play 18 holes.

    The policy to which you refer is totally inequitable and unjustified and needs to
    be corrected.

    Thank you for your kind attention,
    Helaine and Efren Olivares

  14. Jack Butler

    In an effort to be fair to everyone, a point should be assessed, at the time their tee time is granted. This would insure that a person has to play and not decide to call in and cancel because the weather is cold or grey etc. If someone had to cancel, it should have to be done 24 hours in advance, unless there is extreme circumstances. This would also open up tee times due to cancellations. By doing this, revenue would increase because everyone would have to think twice, before just not showing up or cancelling late.

  15. Rudy King

    This is not fair and should be reviewed by the BOARD, not just the Golf Committee. This. Lacks equality to great number of Golfers and needs adjustment.

  16. Nancy Jo King

    We all paid the same amount of money…So I think we should all be treated the same…There are seven days in the week and we are restricted four of those days..Does this seem fair. We need to have this policy reviewed..

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