9 hole policy follow up

Dear Spring Run member,

Here is some follow up on the last blog regarding 9 hole policy. The responses nearly all assumed the policy was not Board approved and that it was illegal since I didn’t mention it. I apologize, as I wrote that quickly prior to having to go out of town suddenly. That is also the reason I have not been able to respond to your posts.

The Board approved the policy on April 28, 2005. The minutes are included with this article.

While it is clear that many members oppose the policy, I just wanted everyone to know it was not illegal.

Also, some comments are implying that this is new and we didn’t do this before. This practice has been in place since before I started here. Members put in requests and Chelsea gives you a time in the parameters of the policy. People weren’t turned away, so no one paid attention to it. Until the Shop put it in writing.

A committee with 9 holers and an 18 holer are meeting to review this policy and make reservations to the Board soon

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. Thank you.


04-28-05 SR Minutes


7 thoughts on “9 hole policy follow up

  1. Leslie R

    Mike, it’s definitely a touchy subject and I appreciate you addressing it. I understand the 18 holers wanting to get 18 in before sunset, I also sympathize with the 9 hole players.

    We all must keep in mind that many are not capable of completing 18 holes for a variety of reasons yet still want to enjoy the sport, they pay the same dues and are our fellow community members. One gentleman mentioned that at 83 years old 9 holes is the most he can now do. Who am I to discourage this man in his sunset years or anyone else from enjoying the sport? I hope I can still play at 83 and that others will be gracious towards my efforts to do so. We able or younger folks need to pay it forward to those who just can’t do 18.

    If revenue is a concern then there are ways to address it, but there does need to be balance between both types of players and a non-exclusionary policy. Both types of players are important.

  2. Carol Wheeler

    After reading the 2005 Board Minutes it seems very unclear to me as to what the Board actually approved. It reads as if 9 hole play is restricted from Monday through (-) Friday and Saturday & Sunday during most of the prime hours of the day. Those restrictions have never been enforced and have been “tampered with at will” through the years. Also, I have been playing 9 hole golf here for at least 10 years and have never been charged only 1/2 Chelsea point for 9 holes of play. It has always been whether 9 or 18, one point charged per PLAY. That being said, our community is at a point where many of our 18 hole members are opting to become 9 hole members for various reasons. The demand has increased for 9 hole play and that demand should be met.

    Everyone in this community pays the same basic “overhead” fees and should be entitled to the same privileges. It is the Golf Pro’s and Golf Committee’s job to figure out how the highest revenues can be attained while at the same time making sure that all of are golfers are treated in the same fair and equal manner. We are not an 18 hole golf community we are a community of 9 & 18 hole golfers.

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mrs. Wheeler,
      your comments echo what many are saying regarding age and abilities with many in Spring Run. I will pass these concerns along to the committee that is addressing this policy.

  3. Joan Helf

    Spring Run consists of over 850 memberships paying the same annual dues each year. It is the duty of our leadership to protect their interests. No restrictions should be placed on any golfer because he/she chooses to play either 9-hole or 18- hole golf. We understand golf play must be managed for leagues, practice days, and special events. In doing so, our leadership needs to treat this process with respect, fairness, and equality for all.

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mrs. Helf,
      I understand the sentiments you are expressing, certainly, management wants to be fair to all golfers. This policy has been discussed and a fair proposal will be brought to the Golf Committee soon and ultimately to a Board for vote.
      In reality, a lack of restrictions means that fewer members in general will have access to the course. Why? Because the actual demand for 9 hole play made through Chelsea requests is not as strong as the buzz on the streets would have you believe. At least 85% of 9 hole times through Chelsea are filled exactly as requested. Only two foursomes per day Friday through Monday have to be moved to another time vs. the 11 per day that are filled as the member requesting it asked for. For some perspective, each day 50-70 Chelsea requests are for 18 holes, and 5-15 are for 9 holes. (these are mostly foursomes, but some are 3, 2, or singles)
      The reason this policy was put in place is exactly for the reason you just stated: fairness to all. Nine holers have never been denied tee times, and managing the tee sheet responsibly allows all the members, both 9 and 18 holers alike, to have more access the course.

  4. Joe Wilson

    At my home couse in TN they have come up with a very workable system to accommodate the nine hole demand during prime time. They determine demand and then assign a corresponding supply of strictly nine hole tee times, however, there is a unique logic utilized. For example, the early nine hole times would start at 9;00, and the corresponding nine hole times would start at 11:00. The early times would start on hole one and the later times would start on hole ten. Therefore, it is essentially like having one eighteen hole round but it is played by two separate nine hole people. The real key is to properly determine the expected demand and only provide enough nine hole slots as will be utilized. Also, keep in mind that it may require a few adjustments to get it right but it really does work.

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