9 Hole Tee Time Trial Period approved

Dear Member,

At the February Board Meeting, a one month trial period of the proposed amendment to the 9 hole policy was approved. The major change will be to open up 9 hole tee times after 11 AM on both Saturdays and Sundays. The results, both from a participative standpoint, as well as a financial standpoint, will be reviewed following the trial period. If the results are positive, the Board will likely make the trial period permanent.

The rest of the policy remains the same with one full Chelsea point being charged for each round. Please reply back with any questions or clarification.



3 thoughts on “9 Hole Tee Time Trial Period approved

  1. Marianne McDermott


    I would like to thank the Golf Committee and our Board of Directors for undertaking the task to resolve the policy regarding 9 hole play. I do believe, however, that the policy that has been in place for the past 10 years is fundamentally inequitable, but I will restrict these comments to the one month trial period.

    How can the results be anything but skewed when during this trial period 9 hole play is still being restricted by 16+ hours each week? The only way to get a true comparison both from a participative standpoint, as well as a financial standpoint, would be a representative trial period, during season, with no restriction on 9 hole play. This current trial just reduces restrictions from over 22+ hours to 16+ hours each week. This trial period can never produce the information to adequately assess what the true savings or costs would be if there were unrestricted 9 hole play. How can the participative aspect of this trial be judged objectively when some of the participants are restricted from participating?

    Marianne McDermott

  2. Paula Blake

    Hi Mike

    Regarding the 9 Hole Policy – The Agenda on the Board of Directors Meeting Thursday February 26, 2015 stated a “9 Hole Policy Recommendation” and your blog is stating a “proposed amendment” changing” 9 hole tee times after 11AM on both Saturday and Sundays”

    Please clarify what the BOD will be voting on – the new recommendation as worded on the agenda or an amendment to the existing April 28, 2005 “Chelsea Tee time change”

    Thank you

    Paula Blake

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