Spring Run Talent Data Bank

Dear Spring Run Member,

Perhaps you have seen advertisements around the Club for “Spring Run’s Got Talent”. This is a terrific little program designed to help populate the Community Talent Bank. Each resident has some skill that might be of assistance to another resident or group of residents. We encourage you to go to the website and fill out the Talent Bank form. It is located on the Home Page when you log in, near the bottom of the page in the very middle.

So far, four organizations have made requests for information from the Talent Data Bank, and one organization has already filled a need by using the Bank.

The other three organizations are in the process of either evaluating the information provided or making contact with the individuals identified through the Bank.

When your organizations, committees, or other groups have a need for someone with special skills, knowledge or talents the Talent Data Bank is an excellent resource to use for filling those needs.  It is free, simple to use and provides speedy results.  Merely send your resource request information to PAR at paratspringrun@gmail.com and within forty-eight hours PAR will respond to your request.

PAR is continuing its efforts to encourage additional Spring Run owners to participate in the Talent Data Bank by including their experience, special skills, and talents in the Bank.  If any of you have not already included your talents in the Data Bank, we encourage you to do so.  To do this, go to the Spring Run web site, click on the Talent Data Bank icon, complete the resource request form, and click to forward it electronically to PAR.  The information you provide is secure because:

  • The Spring Run Administration is the Gatekeeper and has sole control of your information. Others cannot access it.
  • The data in the Bank is secure and only available for use by Spring Run organizations.
  • Your data will only be used for the purpose intended, and will not be available for someone’s personal needs.
  • All Data Bank requests come directly to PAR who then transmits them to the Administration.
  • The Talent Data Bank is a resource that is unique to Spring Run and an asset to our Community.



One thought on “Spring Run Talent Data Bank

  1. Donna M. Greco

    I like the idea of the TalentBank, but or a few years, some us of thought it would be a great idea to have a brochure done with names of coompanies, individuals, erc. that do services. These are services recommended by our owners and also paid services.Examples; housekeepers, seamstreeses, Dr;s; painters, Denists, MD’S, Computer repair services, carpenters, eletricians, appliance repair, and many more.

    We are always looking for one of the above, and it would be great to work with someone that we have been given a reference. These can be individuals inwithin our community out of our community.
    Donna Greco

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