Important Information regarding Summit Pre-Wiring

Dear Spring Run Member,

I would like to relay some very good information that was confirmed today. While we still need keys for the condos and carriage homes, we do not need to get keys for the single family homes and attached villas. The latter will simply schedule a date for pre-wiring (pulling fiber into the home and installing a housing for the ONT)  through the Summit portal (or call) when you are in town and can be there. You would then schedule an appointment to have your service installed (installing the actual ONT, router, and hooking up TVs).

The reason we are asking the owners in the condos and carriage homes to provide a key is that when we pre-wire a building, we are pulling fiber throughout the entire building, and we need to have access to the upstairs and downstairs units at the same time. That said, we are looking at ways to slow down the installation process in order to maintain more security and control by those monitoring the installation. In other words, we will try to limit installs to what we can effectively monitor at one time. While this slows down the project, we feel it will provide a much better measure of security for each resident.

Some owners have stated they did not want to sign-up for the service and therefore would not be pre-wired. We have told those owners that this is fine, but each unit will still be billed $59.50 per month for the basic service in addition to any other cable or satellite service you wish to continue. After March 31, 2016,  the cost to bring the crews back in to wire you up will be $500.

Some other minor notes: all installations will be “shoeless”, meaning the installers will be in socks while working inside your units to ensure your carpets are not soiled, and if there is any cleanup required, this will be handled by Summit as part of the installation.

If you have further questions, feel free to comment below. Thank you and have a wonderful summer!



4 thoughts on “Important Information regarding Summit Pre-Wiring

  1. John M. Lowrie

    I am leaving this week and may not be back until January. As such, I gave a key to the person at the front desk so Summit could pull the wires through to the coaxial outlet in our office. This worked out fine for me. Are you now saying Summit will wait until January (or whenever we show up) to pull the wires through and will come back at some other time to hook everything up?

  2. Mike Zigler

    Since you are in an attached villa (and for those in single family homes) it is not necessary, but it will be good to have the key in order to pull wires as they move through the community. You’ll have one less thing to worry about when you return. You would only need to make one appointment to set up your installation instead of two.

  3. jean fabian

    Since the installation plans have changed since I left spring run, could someone explain how my unit,1205, a Heather will be prewired and where the ont will be placed. I understand you want access to my attic, but I don’t understand how you will get from the back of my condo to the front unless my ont location has changed.
    Thank you.
    Jean Fabian

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