Olive tree staining and worms

Dear Spring Run resident,

Another Spring rolls around, with orange staining on the ground. Yes, the insidious stains beneath the shady lady trees have many residents upset, and some calling for their removal. While it is unsightly, the link below (courtesy of George Taylor) will shed some light on what is actually happening, and how it can be prevented. Leave any comments or questions below. Thank you.

Black Oliver Caterpillar


5 thoughts on “Olive tree staining and worms

  1. Roseann Miller

    So it seems to control the unsightly staining we would need to spray with a pesticide annually and power wash quarterly. Has anyone done a cost analysis compared to removal of the trees?

  2. Jeanne Rogers

    Seems like the stains have been cleaned up before. Makes our neighborhoods look old and unkept. Power washing seems the right solution. Just as bad as the visible blue trash cans all over. Very low end look for the whole community. Should be blocked by fence or planting.

  3. Mary Lynn Chlada

    The cost of the annual and quarterly clean up year after year sounds costly compared to replacing the olive tree with a tree that doesn’t cause such hideous damage to our community.
    I live at the end of Hidden Lakes. The trees planted there shed there leaves all season. Are we here to relax and enjoy the community or sweep our driveways three times a day.
    If these type of trees are required by Florida state laws, Plant them throughout the golf course not our property to mess and destroy.

  4. Janet tecza

    Very informative article. It seems spraying would be the answer. Should be addressed as soon as possible so the problem can be eliminated before it happens again next season. Thank you George for looking into this problem.

  5. ADMAD@aol.com

    Some one told me The Colony or Colonial are removing all Black Oliver tress at $150.00 each including stump grinding. Ken

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