Important Changes to 911 Emergency Response vehicles’ access to the Golf Course

Dear Spring Run Member,

Lee County Emergency Services has introduced a new program to aid rescue personnel in locating emergencies on the golf course more effectively.  Prior to this change, a cell phone call to 911 led to an APPROXIMATE location on the course, but that often led to confusion as to where they should enter the hole. This new program has mapped out all golf holes at all 108 golf courses in Lee County, with particular notice paid to the location on the hole itself (Tee, Fairway, Green) They used this analysis to assign a number to a unit address where the emergency vehicle will stop. If it happens to be in front of your house, you can take some comfort that they are likely running between houses to the exact location of the emergency on the golf course. I mention this because it may cause anxiety if ambulances pull up to your home with sirens blaring.  Please click on the link to the letter from Lee County, and click here to view a video on the changes they have made.

Thank you,


Golf Course Poster Distribution Letter Final

Lee County Public Safety Golf Course Addressing Project YOUTUBE Video


One thought on “Important Changes to 911 Emergency Response vehicles’ access to the Golf Course

  1. Jack Butler

    I think the AED’s mounted outside the bathrooms on the golf course should be mounted in one of the bathrooms for security purposes. These are very expensive units and should be secured behind a “locked door”.

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