Safety and Security at Spring Run

Dear Spring Run Members,

Please be advised that there was some criminal mischief that took place in Spring Run last night. There were several reports of bikes being taken from bike racks but then later found in other locations in the community. Several other reports indicated that center consoles and glove boxes in unlocked cars had being rifled through. The reports differ in severity. In some cases, money and some credit cards in the console were taken, and in others, just a few dollars and change removed, or nothing taken at all.

We have reviewed the security videos and the entry log from last night, but did not see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. If you happen to have noticed anything suspicious last night, I ask that you call or reply back to with any information you might recall. These reports came from random areas throughout the community, so it would seem they had a lot of time to operate between neighborhoods, and then slip out quietly, likely over fencing along the southern border.

This serves as a good opportunity to remind you to please lock your vehicles and doors. We live in a very safe area, for certain, but this type of activity can occur at any time, and you need to take steps to always secure your personal property.


Michael G. Zigler, CCM, CAM
General Manager
Spring Run Golf Club Community Assoc.
9501 Spring Run Blvd.
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
(main) 239.992.3811 x 232
(direct) 239.444.2103
(mobile) 239.961.4025
(fax) 239.949.0722



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