GPS Blind Spot

Members have asked the question, “why can’t we see the carts that are in front of us on the course?”  You probably have noticed that you can see the carts in front of you on three holes (#2, #10, and #12) Their system calls this function “blind shot”.  I emailed our Account Manager from GPS industries for his response.

Brian responded: “It is our intention to only show “blind shot” for 3 holes.  Our software limits the number of blind shot allowed.  There is no upgrade that will show all carts on all holes”.  “I think you are probably comparing this system with your previous system.  The previous Uplink system had a Cart Ahead feature that would show all carts on all holes.  This system we have now has a Blind Shot feature that will only show the other carts on the hole if they are in the Blind Zone”.  “As many courses that loved the Cart Ahead feature, there were an equal number of courses that did not like it”.  “Courses would complain that it wasn’t accurate enough, so we decided to only show carts on the Blind Shot holes that the course has designated”.

Another reason for the limited viewing has to do with cost and limited broadband. The old Parview system used radio frequencies that bounced around the course from repeaters, a very inexpensive technology. The current system uses cellular broadband and it has been cost prohibitive to maintain enough broadband frequency to track real-time location of each golf cart and then communicate that to each cart.  All that said, GPS inc. has told us they are considering this option for those clubs that are interested in it in the future.

Hopefully this information provided we give an answer and explanation why we do not currently have this feature on our golf carts.

Jeff Carter, PGA Head Golf Professional


6 thoughts on “GPS Blind Spot

  1. Hal Mendlowitz

    Are we locked in with a contract to GPS? If so, when does it expire? At that time the members should be surveyed for their desires.

  2. Bob Alter

    I think the GPS is fine and we can use our own eyes to determine when we can hit. New course is great and makes us think a little as we go around. The course is definitely maturing . Bob Alter

  3. Larry Bierman


    Depending on the cost, the option being considered, might help speed up the pace of play. If I know the distance of the cart ahead of me, I might play my ball if I know I can’t reach that distance, rather than wait till I think they are out of range.

    Larry Bierman

  4. Jim Heffernan

    We believe this is an option we should consider in the future. We liked it on the old system. I believe this will help with pace of play as I often see people waiting to hit because they aren’t sure if the people ahead are in range or not. Looking and guessing is not as effective as actually knowing how far ahead they are. Since we do not want to hit into the forward group, people tend to err on the side of caution and wait longer then may be necessary. Thanks, Jim and Carol Heffernan

  5. Hal Mendlowitz

    Of concern should be……have there been any accidents because of this? If not while it is not the most convenient, I am not certain it will be worth any additional cost.

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