Rumor has it…

Dear Member,

I would like to take a moment to address a few of the rumors heard around the community lately regarding the fiber-into-the-home project. Hopefully we can clear up some of these misconceptions…

Rumor:The mock install in Hidden Lakes went so badly that they’re cancelling the entire project.”

Reality: Summit installers had to deal with a couple of problems that they didn’t expect in Hidden Lakes.  First, the conduit through which the fiber had to be pulled was crushed.  This resulted in a delay in the pre-wire. Second, the Heron design in Hidden Lakes is different from that model in Autumn Lakes. Because of this, the ONT will have to be installed in the garage. Summit has determined that this is acceptable. Unfortunately, in one of the Heron models, the pipe for the water heater interfered with the ONT placement.

Because of these problems, the pre-wire could not be completed in one day.  It was completed in all but the Heron with the water heater problem on another day. The owners that we heard back from all seemed very satisfied with the work that was done.

Rumor:If you live in a Heron unit, your hot water heater has to be moved”

Reality: Not necessarily. The plumbing in this one unit may be a fluke.  When pre-wiring the carriage homes, Summit will identify any Herons that have this same problem. If there are others, Summit will coordinate with a plumber to move the water heaters and change the plumbing at Summit’s expense.

Rumor: “Summit installers came and demanded $300 to move a water heater. The homeowner refused. The contractor then left and never came back.”

Reality:  We have no idea where this rumor came from. Neither does the owner it allegedly happened to. Summit installers do not move water heaters and are not trained plumbers.

Rumor:Anyone who doesn’t turn a key into the administration office for the summer installation project will be fined $500.”

Reality:  This is a “mash up” of two separate issues.  Let’s take them one at a time.

First, yes, we wanted to get keys from all condo and carriage home owners so that Summit could pre-wire units in the buildings all at once. That said, there never has been, nor will there ever be, a penalty for not doing so. If you don’t provide a key, or do not coordinate home watch to be there during pre-wire, then you simply won’t be pre-wired. But there is a possibility that your neighbors may not be pre-wired as well due to lack of access to their units.

Second, there was originally talk of having to charge owners a fee for a crew to come back and install AFTER the project conclusion date of March 31 2016.  However, Summit has decided that they will not charge anyone for a crew to come back to Spring Run to pre-wire and install after March 31, 2016. Therefore, pre-wiring in 2017 or beyond will be FREE. No $200, $300, or $500 charge that has been tossed around. Keep in mind that whether or not you are installed, once 80% of the community is installed, Summit will begin to bill Spring Run for 847 units, and then Spring Run will turn around and bill each of the 847 units quarterly for basic cable and high speed internet service.

Rumor:The project is behind because Summit is incompetent.”

Reality:   You may have heard stories from friends in other communities about their experience with Summit. This will invariably include negative and positive feedback, and negative is always shared more frequently than positive. While installing Countryside, Pelican Bay, and Lighthouse Bay (among others), they were in the process of merging three smaller companies into one. They were also attempting to integrate older equipment from each smaller company with varying degrees of success. That equipment has recently been replaced, and is already improving services throughout Southwest Florida. Kelly Greens recently completed its pre-wire and is now almost totally installed. Reports to date out of Kelly Greens have been extremely positive. Spring Run and Copperleaf made the decision to delay the project to give Summit a chance to correct their issues before starting on an installation in our communities. Because of this delay, we feel Spring Run is in a much better position than previously installed communities, and will benefit from their upgraded technology and the lessons learned.

And a comment overheard: “I never turned in a key because at least one person in my condo didn’t turn one in, and as I understand it, unless you have all the keys, you can’t pre-wire the building. So I figured ‘why turn in the key?’”

Response:  It may be possible to go around a unit that the installers do not have access to. The lower units will be pre-wired by pulling fiber through the conduit as originally thought. For the upper units, pre-wire will be through the attic.  The fiber will go up the side of the building and into the attic from the side of the building where the Comcast cable now enters the building.  To get from this side of the building to the other, the installers need access to all of the attics. So if you don’t turn in a key or coordinate home watch, it may be a problem for your neighbors.

The fiber for each unit is coiled in the NID (Network Interface Device) on the outside of the building. Each time that is uncoiled to install an individual unit, there is a risk of damage to the fiber that can effect quality of service.  For this reason it is best to install the entire building at the same time.

Please coordinate with home watch or contact Mark in the office to ensure access to your unit for the benefit of not only yourself but for your fellow neighbors.


7 thoughts on “Rumor has it…

  1. Nancy Taylor

    It is very disconcerting that a few of our residents feel compelled to continue to spread gossip and rumors which damage the integrity of our community as a whole. I am saddened that with all the positive things our community has been able to accomplish that rumors and malicious gossip mar our success.

  2. Stephen M Cronin

    I think it should be emphasized that the $500 figure for late installation that was “tossed around” was tossed by Spring Run. Also, is Spring Run doing the billing for Summit for a fee or as an added service to the residents? This may have been explained earlier and I may have missed it but could it please be clarified. Thank you.

    1. Stephen M Cronin

      How long does that take, Mike? I don’t think my comment was untoward . After all, transparency is what Spring Run espouses until it’s time to answer a basic question.

    2. Mike Zigler

      Mr. Cronin,
      I sincerely apologize. It was just brought to my attention that these responses had been made. For some reason, the blog site was not sending me a notification of new comments, so I am just seeing these for the first time now.

      To address your comment and question: The $500 late installation number came from a meeting with the brand new GM for Summit. He quoted a figure that had been used at other projects. We pushed the issue more and Summit came back and said they would waive that fee.

      Spring Run is adding a quarterly fee to your Spring Run statement for the basic service. We will then turn around and pay the entire amount to Summit. There are not paying us to do this. Any additional services above the basic service are processed by Summit and will be billed directly to you from their billing department.

      I apologize again for the delay in response.

  3. Rydstrom Roger

    Thanks for your excellent answers to the “misconceptions” about the fiber into the home project. Once completed our community ( and our home values ) will be on par with our neighbors having high speed internet service and the advantages it brings to each owner.

  4. Jim Heffernan

    Thanks for the update and info. I do have two question in regards to this statement in the update:
    “Keep in mind that whether or not you are installed, once 80% of the community is installed, Summit will begin to bill Spring Run for 847 units, and then Spring Run will turn around and bill each of the 847 units quarterly for basic cable and high speed internet service.”
    1. I assume this means you will be billed if you have chosen not to be installed. If Summit has not wired your unit yet it would not be right to charge the owner for services he can not receive because Summit has not wired the building. The statement is not clear on that point, it simply says once 80% is wired everyone will begin being charged.
    2. At what point in the installation process will the cable and internet services be turned on and available to the owners? Will it be turned on once 80% are installed? I assume no billing will be started until the internet and cable services are running and available to the owners.
    Jim Heffernan

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mr. Heffernan,
      I apologize for the lateness in response. Due to a system glitch, I was just made aware these comments had been unanswered and am just seeing them now.

      1) Yes, that is correct. But the terminology between “wired” and “installed” is important. “Wiring” refers to the current pre-wiring project that all multi-dwelling units and single family homes are experiencing right now. “Installation” is that final hook up after pre-wire where the tech comes to your home and hooks up your TVs etc. The 80% refers to “installation”, and by the time they hit 80%, just about everyone will have had the chance to be installed. Perhaps the reasons they are not installed would be that they chose to wait to install, or did not want the service, or just weren’t back in town yet, in which case they wouldn’t be watching TV here anyway.
      2) We anticipate that once the backbone network is completed, that they will make a signal available. they have not committed to the time yet, but we believe in September. The installations will be ongoing from September through next March, so we anticipate video and internet availability at no charge for those installed for several months if not longer.

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