You asked, we listened – Communications

Dear Spring Run Member,

Each year, we survey our membership at the end of the season, and the results are discussed with the staff and committees in an effort to make improvements. Yes, we do read everything you submit, and do our best to address each area of concern.

So I got to thinking…. “But how do the members know we pay attention to their survey concerns?” The answer is found in a new series of articles entitled “You asked, we listened”, which will list the solutions to specific comments by department that were made in the End of Season survey. While there were numerous comments included in the survey, we only list the ones that we have found solutions for. The first article is Communication.

Comment: “We receive the newsletter too late. It should arrive by the first of the month”
Solution: We sent out the Summer Edition II Newsletter 5 days ahead of schedule to improve the probability you will receive it by the 1st.  

Comment: “Board Minutes are not posted in a timely fashion.  Members don’t find out about Board decisions and hot topic discussions until weeks later when they are finally published.”

Solution: Make no mistake….the minutes take awhile to compile, not only due to the sheer volume of the information that we want to communicate to the members, but also we check and double check to make sure what has been typed is correct.
To solve this problem we created a brief “Board Resolutions” list that comes to you on the day after the Board meeting and  lists the main topics of discussion and the results of any Board vote on agenda items.  This gives the member pertinent information now, and gives the minutes compiler time to do their job properly.

Problem: “When PDF’s are downloaded, they go to unknown location and they get lost, instead of opening right away.”
Solution: The Spring Run FAQ section on the website ( Member Home > FAQ) has some tips on how to save PDF’s on both MAC and PC to be able to find them easily.   

If you don’t see you comment or area of concern, remember we are still considering a solution for it; sometimes, some concerns just won’t have a viable solution. But always feel free to remind us of your concerns so we may look into them.

Thank you.






3 thoughts on “You asked, we listened – Communications

  1. Hi Mike, here’s hoping you are enjoying your summer as we are in Ohio!

    Question that has nothing to do with the above; some of us have talked to Howard regarding the cost of Nee Year’s . Now that the cost has been reduced, why the rediculous hours? Why not 8-12 with just heavy hor’dorves so we can celebrate New Years Eve at midnight?
    If we have members too old to stay up, why even bother? Our group would love to support our club but what do we do after 10:00?
    And don’t even think it !!!!!!!! Lol
    Take care and can’t wait to see you in Sept!
    Lou is being inducted into the Golf Course Hall of Fame early Sept so hope to have info to put in Spring On The Run as this is a very special honor!

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mrs. Greco,

      The House Committee has discussed this issue at great length. The attendance has been decreasing over the last 4 years, and survey responses indicate that members are increasingly attending house parties that end before midnight.
      Give that information, the House Committee decided to change the hours so the band is booked until 10:30, and members can stay as long as they like. In addition, we are looking at continuing with DJ music after the band is done for those members who wish to stay and party and dance until the ball drops.

      Congratulations to Mr. Greco on that well deserved honor!


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