You asked, we listened – Golf Operations

Dear Spring Run Member,

Each year, we survey our membership at the end of the season, and the results are discussed with the staff and committees in an effort to make improvements. Yes, we do read everything you submit, and do our best to address each area of concern.

So I got to thinking…. “But how do the members know we pay attention to their survey concerns?” The answer is found in a new series of articles entitled “You asked, we listened”, which will list the solutions to specific comments by department that were made in the End of Season survey. While there were numerous comments included in the survey, we only list the ones that we have found solutions for. The second article is Golf Operations.

Speed of Play

  • COMMENT: “I feel something needs to be done to speed up play. If you are going to have rangers, have them do their job and not just wave and say hello and have a good round.”
  • SOLUTION: Training is always ongoing with our Rangers, but it would also be beneficial if the members understand how they are supposed to do their jobs. Click here to  read Mike Frattarelli’s article explaining Rangers duties, policies and procedures, red flags, golf shop involvement, and training. Head Pro Jeff Carter recently wrote an article in the News on the Run with tips on improving pace of play. Tips to speed up play ( click to read)

Outside staff approaching members after play   

  • COMMENT “The Bag Boys are instructed to approach golfers after the round like a flock of vultures. They need to relax.”
  • SOLUTION: The outside staff is instructed to take care of members after the round in a non-rushed approach. However during certain times such as shotguns, members are waiting on the carts to start their round.  We are developing ways to speed up the turnaround process for the staff by scheduling more staff during the busy hours, hopefully making the membership not feel so rushed after the round.

Merchandise in Pro Shop                            

  • COMMENT “Merchandise in Golf Shop not so great”.
  • SOLUTION: In the Golf Shop for the 2015-2016 season, new women’s and men’s apparel will start to be introduced in September and fresh stock will be coming throughout the season.  New fashion groups, including some new vendors’ product, will be coming in regularly to keep a nice variety available. Special orders are always available to meet specific requirements.

Chelsea points for Transfer Members   

  • COMMENT “I think we as owners need to be advised on how Chelsea points are applied to Transfer members.”
  • SOLUTION: Click here  to read Jeff Carter’s article that explains how the points are determined for Transfer members as well as how we allocate Transfer tee times.

Winners for Weekly Events       

  • COMMENT “It would be nice to know the weekly winners of golf events especially the club championship.“
  • SOLUTION: We will be letting the members know where to look in the Golf Section on the web site for weekly golf events winners, and also in the Event Book located at the Handicap station in the hallway.  We will also include the results in the Club Connector.

Also, several members made comments in regard to a personnel issue, and we have addressed that issue.


8 thoughts on “You asked, we listened – Golf Operations

  1. Robert Courchesne

    Good work everyone. We are blessed to live in such a great environment and all I have to say is rake those sand traps and fix those ball marks on the greens boys and girls!

  2. Jessie Lovatt

    Re: Outside staff approaching members after play. I believe if tipping was eliminating at that point, then golfers would take their belongings, leave and outside staff only need to remove the clubs to be cleaned later, and carts would be then available to be used quickly, especially for shotgun events.
    If clubs are to be picked up after use, they would be placed on the rack at the drop off for pick up.

  3. Chuck Staro

    MIke: I think it is all good and a step in the right direction. An article by Mike Fratterelli certainly will help regarding speed of play, as long as everyone “reads” it and “remembers” it. Perhaps a bullet point synopsis explaining policy, procedure’s, Ranger’s duties, RED flags, etc. placed on each cart under the scorecard might serve to educate the members as well. I would not advocate doing this all season long but perhaps rather for a month or so at the beginning of the heavy season. Would not take much to photocopy a one page, double spaced, ALL CAPS statement that the bag attendants could put on each cart while loading the bags.

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