You asked, we listened – F&B


Dear Spring Run Member,

Each year, we survey our membership at the end of the season, and the results are discussed with the staff and committees in an effort to make improvements. Yes, we do read everything you submit, and do our best to address each area of concern.

So I got to thinking…. “But how do the members know we pay attention to their survey concerns?” The answer is found in a new series of articles entitled “You asked, we listened”, which will list the solutions to specific comments by department that were made in the End of Season survey. While there were numerous comments included in the survey, we only list the ones that we have found solutions for. The third article is Food & Beverage.

Happy Hours

Comment:   Why not appetizers at happy hour? Pasta nights and taco bars are nice but that really isn’t food for happy hour.  Although some, perhaps a lot of folks use that as dinner – is that kind of buffet necessary?”

Solutions: Over the past few seasons that, the comment that we should start charging for the complimentary Happy Hour hors d’oeuvres has been heard louder and louder. Toward the end of the 2014 season we began charging a $5 fee for those who would partake in the mini buffet, but would also supply a vegetable crudité station for those who chose not to pay for the buffet.  This worked out well for the first couple of weeks, but then the numbers began to slowly decline each week.  Please understand that our goal is not to discourage our membership by taking away a complimentary amenity. What we would like to do is offer our membership different, exciting new meal options at a very affordable cost.  What we are planning on introducing this upcoming season is a choice of 4 to 5 items off of our pub menu that will be 50 percent off of our regular menu price.  We want to break up the monotony of the food selection and provide you with a different and more exciting experience each and every week.  And these items would count against your minimum! For the bar, we will start offering a “Drink of the Week” special that will only be available on Wednesday’s during Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm.  Each week this will be a different cocktail/beer/wine or special mixture of choice offered at Happy Hour price.  Of course, for those not interested in purchasing appetizers, we will keep a small station of complimentary items available.

Snack Bar Hours

Comment:  The outside snack bar is closed too early, with no beverage cart available.”

Solutions:  With the addition of the new snack shop “The Turn”, we have decided not to start any beverage cart service until January 2016.  The turn will be open 7 days a week from 8am to 4pm from October 19th – December 31st 2015.  Starting January 1st– May 1st 2016 the beverage cart will be available from 10am-3pm along with the regular hours for the snack shop.  New training will be in place as well for the individuals that will be running the beverage cart.  We will also  be introducing is ordering from your golf cart.  On holes 7 & 8 you will be able to order from your cart either a hotdog combo or special sandwich that can be ready for pickup when you reach The Turn.


Comment:  “We spent $$ on the Clubhouse renovation including upgrading the kitchen. Now we have dinner on only two nights per week and the overall Food & Beverage quality has gotten worse.” “Free food at Happy Hour is too costly and should be replaced with a ‘pay as you go’ menu.”

Solutions This upcoming season we will be offering dinner three (3) nights per week, beginning in October.  We will have ala carte dining on Friday and Saturdays and buffets with entertainment on Thursday’s.  There will be some Saturdays that dinner will not be available due to parties or other functions that may take up the majority of the clubhouse, but those dates will be posted well in advance.  This season, we are geared towards offering new exciting dining experiences that will stimulate not only your culinary tastes, but also your expectations for different menu choices.  All of our menus will be changing on a monthly basis during season; we will have our Ala carte dinner menu available in the Dining Room, but our more casual lighter fare Pub Menu available in the Grill & Club Rooms.  Along with our Dinner options, we will be open for food service seven (7) days a week from 11am-7pm, and till 8pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for upcoming menus please feel free to stop in and let either Howard, Josh, Steve or Jorge know, and we would be more than happy to entertain your thoughts and concerns.  Remember, we are here to make your dining experience an excellent one.


6 thoughts on “You asked, we listened – F&B

  1. I like the idea of charging for a selected menu!

    We seldom come to happy hour as the food is not adequate many pack their plates and do a take our! If this idea goes through , you will have to watch for those that also may take advantage of this!

  2. Peggy Donahue

    It must be a daunting task to please everyone! Thanks to the entire staff for everything that is done up front and behind the scene. We are looking forward to our 3rd season and have enjoyed everything Spring Run has to offer.

  3. Bob Esti

    As I tried to explain to the Board and management before the expansion to the kitchen and also I have been telling my “friends” for years, “bigger does not always mean better”. After spending millions of dollars. we continue not providing good food in a quality serviceable manner within our club house (lunch may be the exception).

    Increasing the number of days that “fine dining” will be available is not identifying or fixing the problem.We should reconsider this approach…do we truly have “Fine Dining’ at SRCC?

    Consistency, service. and quality should be the attributes to “fine dining” at any club and especially at SRCC after spending all those dollars.

    I seriously question this presumed premise.

    Bob Esti

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