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Dear Spring Run Member,

Each year, we survey our membership at the end of the season, and the results are discussed with the staff and committees in an effort to make improvements. Yes, we do read everything you submit, and do our best to address each area of concern.  So I got to thinking…. “But how do the members know we pay attention to their survey concerns?” The answer is found in a new series of articles entitled “We Are Listening”, which will list the solutions to specific comments by department that were made in the End of Season survey. While there were numerous comments included in the survey, we only list the ones that we have found solutions for. This article is on Administration.

Comment: “Some staff should clean up/organize their desks so members do not see their mess.”

Solution:  A sleek, clean work area represents organization and employees who are more than capable of taking care of our members’ needs, while a messy, cluttered office appears unorganized and does not present a good impression. We are an office that multi-tasks many projects at once, so the issue of clutter is never ending. However, we are developing a better organization system for all of our current “projects in action”, instead of allowing them to accumulate in piles on our desks.  Also, we have a community that is so generous, our office acts as a donation center for many of the programs implemented by our Employee Relations Committee.  We are currently working on finding a new drop off location instead of Rhonda’s office.

Comment: “I recommend a close review of the member rules and compare to input from the admin staff as to which rules create the most difficult interactions with members. These instances should then be reviewed for opportunities to reduce the difficult incidences for the staff. This should result in higher staff retention and enhanced member satisfaction.”

Solution:  The consensus amongst the staff is that the rules that create conflict with members generally have to do with Food and Beverage minimum policies. For instance, someone who hasn’t spent their minimum but wishes to have someone else use it have to be told “it is against our policy”. However, we do our best to accommodate. In other instances, there are new Transfer Membership categories (April 2014 approved that replaced the Social membership) and each have different rules regarding access to the minimum. The list of exceptions for owners with annual renters and multi-unit owners access to minimums survived the creation of the new Categories, and although this can create more confusion, it probably cuts down on the conflict between members and staff by giving them options.  Implementing a “cheat sheet” for the staff will at least insure we give consistent answers to the more difficult questions.

(If you have another example of a policy that can cause an uncomfortable situation between members and staff, please let me know and we will see what can be done. – Mike )

Comment: “It is cumbersome to have two people at the reception desk. Need to find an office for Mark, which would probably also allow him to be more efficient”

Solution: Two people at the reception desk is definitely not an ideal situation.  We are very limited in office space and do not have room for Mark when the Receptionist returns, and Joy moves back to Mark’s desk. Therefore, we are  converting the admin and food & beverage storage closet next to the Lakeview Room into office space. While this solves one problem, it creates another, as we now have no administration storage space.

Comment: “The receptionist must be reminded that she is key as how she responds and treats members reflects on the total Administration.”

Solution:  Yes! This is extremely important. The Administration Department Mission Statement reads “We are Ambassadors to the Spring Run Community, efficiently facilitating the needs of members, guests and staff through effective communication, providing timely answers, and maintaining our information resources, while promoting an outstanding first impression of the Club.” We will keep this foremost in mind when hiring a receptionist for this season. We have been fortunate with our Admin Assistant Joy, and last season with Lindsey a Receptionist. Joy will be moving back to Mark’s desk but will still be available to help at the counter, however we are not certain whether Lindsey will be back this season. If not, we will be searching for a shining first impression!



5 thoughts on “You asked, we listened – Administration


    Unless there was a specific reason for someone complaining that perhaps a check was lost or message lost I think what a person’s desk looks like is their business. I happen to be an extremely organized person but to look at my desk someone might wonder. I think unless there is a specific concern the people commenting on the look of ones desk have too much time on their hands. People need to be more positive. Life is too short – find something to do to help others rather than the negativity

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    1. Hi Mr. Owens,
      In order to change the email address for Springing Forward you will need to ‘unsubscribe’ with the old email address and then follow the blog with the new one. That is the only way you can get the updates on your new email address. The ‘ unsubscribe’ link should be at the bottom of the email.
      Let me know if you need any additional help with this.
      – Iva

  2. Phil kolodziejski

    Mike it seems to me that all voices and complaints should be heard and this is a good format for it . That being said These are extremely minor issues . In my eight years for as a renter and for as an owner . My experience with the staff both administrative and wait staff have always been good experiences . Let’s all pull together to make golf course which is what Spring Run is agolf course community a better experience for all and take a deep breath when your food or wine is not delivered on time

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