Electrical work during recent Summit pre-wiring

Dear Spring Run Owner,

I am writing to give you information regarding the status of some electrical work that was done in the condos and carriage homes in Spring Run during the recent Summit pre-wiring.

The licensed electrical contractor had to add an outlet for the ONT beneath the breaker boxes in each unit, but found the breaker boxes in the condos all full. Instead of wiring the breaker according to code, he simply placed both wires under the same breaker screw. Over the past two weeks, the electrician has been going back through his address list to each unit that was wired this way, and making a quick 10 minute change so that only one wire goes into the breaker, with the other attached via a wire screw. This solution is to code.

Since this issue came to light, we have been trying to get the correct information together in order to let you know what is going on. We have spoken to Summit and the electrician who did the work, a Lee County electrical inspector, a third party electrician, and two owners in Spring Run who own large electrical contracting companies up north, one of whom wrote the NEC code for 12 years. What we understand is that this work is not to code. However, it is also clear that this is not an unsafe situation or a potential fire hazard.

The safety of the owners in Spring Run is our top priority. If there were any indication that an unsafe condition existed in Spring Run, we would let you know immediately. As I learned, the owner who was on a committee that actually wrote the NEC code said that wiring like this is a violation of the breaker’s UL listing, but it is not a hazard. As I further learned, electricians used to put 3 and 4 wires under a breaker screw. This could be a hazard as the wires might not get tightened down well enough. In order to stop that practice, they simply limited the breaker to one wire per screw.

Going forward, all new installs will be done correctly using the accepted method of “pig tailing” the second wire with a wire screw, and all wiring that was done using the other method as soon as possible, depending on when owners are back in town, or whether or not we have access to their units

If you have questions or comments, please reply below. We will keep you updated with the progress the electrician is making and thank you for your patience while is it being corrected.



10 thoughts on “Electrical work during recent Summit pre-wiring

  1. Nicholas Murphy

    Hi Mike, I want to also mention that during the installation process of the fiber cable, Summit left holes in the sheetrock, where they had to pull the cable. Most of the holes can be covered by a single gang or 2 gang blank plate. But at that time, they did not have any plates to cover the holes (in some units). I hope they are coming back to install the above. Thanks Nick Murphy (WS-#3210)

  2. nick murphy

    Hi Mike, during the installation of the fiber optic cable, Summit had to cut a hole or holes in the sheetrock in order to pull the fiber optic cable in some units. Most of the holes can be covered by a single gang or 2- gang blank plate. At that time, they did not have the plates required to cover the holes. I assume they are going to rectify this situation.

  3. Peter Perrin

    I don’t know about the safety of the current situation, but in our condo, Summit has indicated that they have connected to the “Entry” light circuit. When we returned this Fall we found the entry light not working which led to discovery that the wiring inside the entry light fixture had melted and burned, probably due to a short. Is there a relationship? Why didn’t the breaker blow? (WS 2107)

  4. David Courtad

    Thanks Mike. Our install is complete. We will be in town 12/4 – 12/11 if an electrician needs to rewire our install. Dave Courtad 9301 Spring Run Blvd. #2808

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  5. Hi Mike, We will be down 12/3-12/10 we have appointment friday 12/4 summit installation. if electrician could also come than it would be great. both units #2701 and #2702 the Harla’s and D’Aloia’s could be done at the same time.

    1. Mike Zigler

      I will contact the electrician to see if he can stop by during your installation, but I can’t guarantee he will be able to get there exactly when the work is being done. What time window if your install?

  6. jpullen525@gmail.com

    Mike Sorry to bother you again but not sure if the wiring is correct after summit did our install. How do we know? Jim Pullen

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