February will be a trial month for crossovers on Fridays. At the end of the month, we will review the results and determine if the program will continue. While it is Wednesday and Fridays are going quite well, expansion to Mondays is unlikely given the amount of 9 hole play we have that day. With tee times starting at 7:15 AM, we hope to get as many golfers on the course as we would have before with straight tee times. Of course, as with everything, there are pros and cons. The biggest pro is that more members have an opportunity for an early tee time, and we will get more golfers in for lunch after their round. The con is that members can get held up at the turn if play behind them slows significantly. The rangers and Pro staff will need to stay vigilant on these days to ensure pace remains in line. We will also be adding a second ranger as a spotter on #10 on sunny days.


2 thoughts on “Crossovers

  1. Christine Hamilton

    I believe making the crossover a trial period is a good thing. What I would question is why do the rangers need to be extra vigilant on making sure golfers
    move along. Why aren’t they extra vigilant every day?
    The starters also need to follow the eight minute rule when putting golfers on the first tee box. Some send the next group to the tee box when the group in front of them are just taking their second shot.

  2. Mike Zigler

    Mrs Hamilton,
    I only made that comment due to the potential for a disaster during crossovers. We are vigilant with play on the course everyday, and have red flagged over 20 groups this year alone. Of course, some slow groups get very offended when flagged, causing some rangers to occasionally hang back rather than becoming confrontational. But they can’t do that during crossovers.

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