Rock Walls

Dear Spring Run Member,

We will be building two more rock walls this summer starting next Monday, May 23. These wall are designed for the same purpose as the one on #2: to provide a playable landing space where there currently lies a gradual down-slope to the waterline. We anticipate that these improvements will indeed speed up play even more, and provide a more enjoyable experience for the golfer. Just for perspective, from Nov 2014-April 2015, that hole played in 18 min 22 sec, and after the wall was built, it played an average of one minute shorter!

JTM will be here Monday morning to begin the installation on #4. This install will have minimal effects on play as the loader will be working along the left side lake bank approximately 150’ from the rear of the green to the bunker just before the green. The pin placement will be forward to take construction out of play, and since access to the hole is from the street, there is no interruption of cart path traffic. This wall will take two weeks to complete.

The next wall will be more difficult to coordinate with play as it is 200’ along the lake bank from the bend to mid-green. That bank is directly in line with play, except for the big hitters who can pop the ball right on the green from 192 yards out! But even if you do, there is still a logistical issue with accessing that area with materials. Since the contractors only have access from #14 cart path, we will be closing that hole for one week prior to the main week-long closure in June. A section of landscaping will be taken out as you exit #13 green so that you can drive directly to #15 cart path from Creek Branch Lane. Normal play should resume unaffected as soon as we reopen from the maintenance closure.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience. We feel these improvements will not only decrease average playing time of these two holes, but will also greatly enhance the aesthetic view as you play them.



5 thoughts on “Rock Walls

  1. Chuck Staro

    Mike, the improvements are certain to enhance the look and playability of both holes and look forward to their completion. I can appreciate the need to remove some landscaping to allow carts to enter Creek Branch Lane to travel to 15 tee. Since Whisper Creek HOA has maintained the landscaping along the cart path from 13 to 14 we want to make sure the area will be returned to its present state. There fore we are asking that this be done in concert with the completion of the improvements to 14 green.

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mr. Staro,
      Yes, we will make sure that we replace any landscaping that has been removed and clean up the grounds that have been disturbed once we reopen #14. There will be cart traffic heading north up Creek Branch Lane for as many as two weeks.Thank you for your patience.

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